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Venture Capital and Private Equity Templates

If you're running an angel network, VC fund, incubator, accelerator, private equity fund or even act as an Investment banker, use these templates to manage your deals, startups, LPs, portfolio, valuation and more. Cut through the noise and efficiently run your fund or association to generate high value for your stakeholders.

Corporate M&A Tracking Template by Stackby Templates

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Tracking

Are you a business owner or investor looking to keep track of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities in your industry? Look no further than Stackby's Corporate M&A Tracking Template! Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, this template is designed to help you make informed decisions about buying, selling, or holding shares in a particular company. So why wait? Let's have a look at the key features and benefits you can reap by trying out our M&A Tracking Template. What is M&A? Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are two different types of corporate transactions that involve consolidating two or more companies. Mergers occur when two companies combine to form a new, larger entity, while acquisitions happen when one company purchases another. How do M&A Differ? Mergers and acquisitions differ in terms of how the transactions are structured and how the deal's value is determined. In a merger, the two companies combine to form a new entity, and the deal's value is based on the combined value of the two companies. In an acquisition, one company purchases another, and the deal's value is determined by the price paid for the acquired company. A Brief Overview of Stackby's Corporate M&A Tracking Template Stackby's Corporate M&A Template is a comprehensive solution that allows you to track all aspects of your M&A activities. This template will enable you to monitor potential deals, analyze financial data, track due diligence, and manage post-merger integration. Key Features of M&A Tracking Template Our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Template comes loaded with a range of features that make it easy for you to track and manage your M&A activities. Some of the key features of the template include: Deal Tracking: With this feature, you can keep track of all the M&A deals your business is involved in, including the status of each deal and critical details such as the transaction value and expected close date. Contact Management: The Corporate M&A Tracking Template also includes a contact management feature that allows you to keep track of all the contacts involved in your M&A activities, including potential buyers and sellers, advisors, and other stakeholders. Customizable Tables: You can customize the template to suit your unique requirements by adding or importing tables as needed. Who can use Stackby M&A Tracking Template ? This mergers and acquisitions (M&A) template is designed for businesses of all sizes involved in M&A activities, including startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. It benefits business owners, investors, and analysts who must stay informed about corporate deals and make better-informed decisions about buying, selling, or holding shares in a particular company. Why Do You Need Stackby's M&A Tracking Template? Stackby's Corporate M&A or Mergers and Acquisitions Tracking Template offers a range of benefits for businesses involved in M&A activities, including: Improved Efficiency: The template streamlines the M&A process, making it easier for you to manage deals and keep track of all the necessary details. Better Decision-Making: With detailed financial analysis and other key metrics, the template allows you to make better-informed decisions about buying, selling, or holding shares in a particular company. How to Use This M&A Tracking Template? Using Stackby's Corporate Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Tracking Template is easy. Simply sign up for Stackby, import the template, and customize it to your unique needs and requirements. The template comes with pre-built tables for deals and contacts, but you can add or import additional tables depending on your specific needs. 4 Ways to Customize Our M&A Tracking Template Here are some ways to customize our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) tracking template Add or import additional tables for specific M&A activities Customize the fields and columns to match your workflow Add custom views to filter and sort data Integrate with other tools, such as CRM or financial software via Zapier or similar. A Quick Look into the Tables That Already Come with Our M&A Tracking Template Deals: It is where you can track all the relevant details about each M&A deal you are monitoring. Contacts: It allows you to manage all the relevant contact information for the people and companies involved in each deal. Ready to Streamline Your M&A Tracking Process with Stackby's M&A Tracking Template? With our Corporate M&A Tracking Template, you can streamline the process of tracking deals, manage due diligence, and stay informed about corporate deals. So, get started today to stay ahead of the competition!Check out Other related Template Idea Tracking Deal Flow Management
Startup deal-flow tracking template By Stackby Templates

Startup deal-flow tracking

Whether you’re a venture capitalist or an angel investor, or a private equity investor, making investments with maximum return requires a thorough analysis of various aspects of the company. More importantly, the process requires structural organization in order to succeed and our Startup deal-flow tracking template offers just that. Before we go any further, let’s understand the concept of deal flow. What is a deal flow? In simple terms, deal flow is the total amount of investment opportunities available to a fund. Making a deal with any company is often a complex process. As a result, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the various investment avenues currently available to you. The idea behind deal flow management is to ensure that you have all the data you need to make the right decision. Where do you get access to the company’s funding status, revenue range, current employee strength, and other data relevant to an investment decision? Online tools like Mattermark can help you with that. What is Mattermark? Put in simple words, Mattermark is a software that gives you detailed information about various companies and investors. It allows you to monitor the fastest-growing companies worldwide and make informed investment decisions based on reliable company data. You can track a company’s performance and growth over time and stay updated with the latest details about investors worldwide. Accurate and easily accessible data is the key to making profitable deals. However, managing the huge amount of data generated can be a tedious and difficult task. To address your predicament, Stackby developed a Startup deal-flow tracking Template! Bid farewell to the days when you were forced to refer to multiple databases and spreadsheets for reliable data! With Stackby’s Startup deal-flow tracking Template, you can store and track your data from a single interface.  You can directly import the data provided by Mattermark instead of manually entering the same. With multiple deal tracking templates available out there, why should you choose us? How will Stackby’s Startup deal-flow tracking Template help you make investment decisions? Using the template, you will be able to: Record multiple company profiles on the same platform. Automate the entire process by importing data from Mattermark and update it accordingly. Bring data from Mattermark ID to each company to promote efficient tracking. Bring he current state and location of the company. You can also add a small description to each company to better understand before finalizing the deal. Auto-track the total funding received by each company to date. You can also add details about the last funding amount and the last funding date of the company. Auto-track the Mattermark score of each company to your database. Auto Monitor the current employee strength of the company. Auto-track the revenue range for a given company. Add companies to the template directly from Mattermark. Monitor and update the data as and when required. Stackby’s Startup deal-flow tracking Template provides you with all the data you need to make a sound investment decision. Get you Mattermark API today and integrate it with our custom-made deal-flow tracking template to automate the entire deal flow management process. If you're already managing a portfolio, check out this portfolio management template. Check out Other related Template Idea Tracking Corporate M&A Tracking Deal Flow Management Dealflow CRM
Fund Portfolio Management Template By Stackby Templates

Fund Portfolio Management

Are you spending endless hours trying to analyze and optimize your fund portfolio? Wish there was a more innovative way to track investments, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions? Introducing the game-changing solution that will revolutionize your portfolio management and drive your investment success - Stackby's Fund Portfolio Management Template! What is Fund Portfolio Management? Fund Portfolio Management involves overseeing and managing a collection of investments held within a fund. It encompasses tracking various aspects such as investment performance, valuations, stake percentages, and available capital. Effective portfolio management is essential for investment funds, angel networks, venture capital funds and managers to make informed decisions and maximize returns. What are Investment Funds and Managers? Investment funds are collective investment vehicles managed by professionals called fund managers. These funds pool money from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of securities. Fund managers make investment decisions, analyze market trends, and monitor the fund's performance to maximize returns and manage risk. They play a crucial role in fund portfolio management by selecting investments, allocating resources, and optimizing overall performance. Investment funds and managers provide individuals and institutions with professionally managed investment opportunities for potential returns and diversification. A Brief Overview of Stackby's Fund Portfolio Management Template Stackby's Fund Portfolio Template is a robust tool designed to streamline the management of investment funds and portfolios. It provides a centralized hub where you can organize and track all your portfolio companies and funds, making it easier to monitor performance and make data-driven investment decisions. Who is This Fund Portfolio Management Template for? Our Fund Portfolio Management Template is ideal for investment fund managers, private equity firms, venture capitalists, and other professionals managing investment portfolios. Whether you are overseeing a single fund or multiple funds with diverse investments, this template offers the flexibility and functionality to meet your portfolio management needs. Why Do You Need Stackby's Fund Portfolio Management Template? Keep all your portfolio companies and funds in one place, ensuring easy access to critical information whenever needed. Monitor the performance of your portfolio companies, assess valuations, and gain insights into overall fund performance. Keep track of your stake percentages in portfolio companies and monitor available capital or dry powder for future investments. Improve transparency and reporting for investors and stakeholders. Enhance operational efficiency and productivity in managing fund portfolios. Stay organized and up-to-date with automated workflows and reminders. Table Included in Our Fund Portfolio Management Template Portfolio Companies: This table allows you to keep track of your portfolio companies, including essential details such as company name, investment amount, and valuation. Funds: With its aid, you can manage your funds and their associated investments, tracking critical information such as fund name, size, capital commitments, dry powder, and fund performance. Using the Link Column Type, you can establish connections between the Portfolio Companies and Funds tables, creating a relational structure that enhances data organization and accessibility. It lets you associate specific portfolio companies with their respective funds, providing a comprehensive overview of your investment landscape. Ways to Customize Our Fund Portfolio Management Template Tailor the template to track specific performance indicators, such as revenue growth, EBITDA, or market share. Incorporate automation and conditional formatting to streamline processes and highlight critical information. Utilize the flexibility of Stackby's platform to create personalized views and reports for different stakeholders. Add custom fields and columns to capture unique data points relevant to your investment strategy. Leverage the Lookup and Aggregation functions to consolidate and analyze data from different tables, gaining valuable insights and generating reports. Don't Let Your Investment Portfolio Become a Maze of Spreadsheets and Scattered Data! Sign up for Stackby today, harness the power of the Fund Portfolio Management Template, and unlock the full potential of your investment strategy!Check out Other related Template Idea Tracking Corporate M&A Tracking Deal Flow Management
LP Tracking Template Stackby Templates

LP Tracking

Managing limited partners can feel like a never-ending puzzle. With numerous partners, deals, and tasks to handle, getting lost in the chaos is easy. But fear not! Stackby's LP Tracking Template is here to simplify your limited partnership management. Stay organized and gain a comprehensive overview of all your limited partners and their associated deals. Everything is neatly organized in one place, from lead partners to proposal details and minimum/maximum investments. Limited Partners: Definition Limited partners are investors who contribute capital to a partnership but have limited liability and are not actively involved in the partnership's day-to-day operations or management decisions. They primarily provide financial support and share in the profits and losses of the partnership. What is a Limited Partners Agreement? A Limited Partners Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership between the general partner(s) and the limited partner(s). It covers aspects such as the rights and responsibilities of each party, profit distribution, decision-making authority, and more. Understanding the agreement is crucial for effectively managing limited partner relationships. What is Limited Partners Liability? Limited partners enjoy limited liability, which means their personal assets are protected from the partnership's debts and obligations. They are generally not held responsible for any losses or debts incurred by the partnership beyond their initial investment. Limited Partnership vs. General Partnership: Understanding the Key Distinctions It's essential to differentiate between limited partnerships and general partnerships. While both involve multiple individuals or entities pooling resources for a common business purpose, there are significant differences in terms of liability, decision-making authority, and involvement in day-to-day operations. Limited partnerships offer investors limited liability protection, while general partnerships expose all partners to unlimited liability. A Brief Overview of Stackby's LP/Limited Partners Tracking Template Our LP Tracking Template is designed to help you efficiently manage limited partner relationships and keep track of important information related to investor commitments, deal progress, tasks, and more. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it effortless for you to navigate. Who is This LP Tracking Template for? The Limited Partners Tracking Template is ideal for angel networks, fund managers, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and anyone managing limited partner relationships. Whether raising funds, tracking commitments, or overseeing multiple deals simultaneously, it offers an all-inclusive solution to streamline your workflow. Why Do You Need Stackby's Limited Partners Tracking Template? Efficiently track and manage limited partners' information, such as lead partners, status, proposals, minimum and maximum investments, and tasks. Use the power of Stackby's Apps to access, enrich and take action on your data, thereby taking your limited partnership management to the next level. Add our View level sharing powerup to your stack to share individual views with any team members or stakeholders. Table Included in Our Limited Partners Tracking Template All Deals: This table allows you to keep track of all deals associated with limited partners, including deal details, status updates, and more. Tasks: With its aid, you can stay organized by tracking tasks associated with each limited partner, ensuring timely completion and efficient collaboration. Stackby also provides advanced functionalities like Lookup and Aggregation. These features enhance the capabilities of your LP Tracking Template: Lookup: The Lookup column type lets you fetch data from other tables based on specific criteria. For example, you can create a Lookup column in the "All Deals" table to retrieve the total number of tasks assigned to a limited partner from the "Tasks" table. It provides valuable insights and a consolidated view of each limited partner's task load. Aggregation: The Aggregation column type allows you to perform calculations or generate summaries based on the data in a specific column. For instance, you can create an Aggregation column in the "All Deals" table to calculate the total investment amount across all deals for each limited partner. This feature simplifies financial analysis and reporting. By leveraging these features, you can extract meaningful insights, automate calculations, and generate comprehensive reports within your LP Tracking Template. Ways to Customize Our Limited Partners Tracking Template Customize fields to capture the information relevant to your limited partners. Add or import tables based on your needs, such as investor information, financial data, or performance metrics. Add our Goal Tracker App to your stack to track goals and set targets automatically. Leverage our Stack Schema App to visualize all your stack's columns, tables, and their relationships. Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Limited Partnership Journey? Stackby's Limited Partners Tracking Template is your ticket to a standing ovation from your partners and team members. Sign up now and let the show begin!Check out Other related Template Idea Tracking Corporate M&A Tracking Deal Flow Management
Deal-flow Management Template by Stackby Templates

Deal-flow Management

Whether you are an Angel Investor, an Investment Banker, or run a Venture Capital Fund, a significant portion of your time is spent negotiating and finalizing deals with startup companies. The success of your company depends on the deals you make with different firms and organizations. Proper tracking and management of such deals are essential to ensure the highest possible return. This is accomplished via deal flow management. Efficient and effective deal flow management will ensure that you don’t miss out on the best possible investment opportunities. It allows you to keep an eye out for the most profitable deals heading your way! Stackby’s Deal-flow management template can make the process all the more easier for you.  Are you looking for a tool to manage your deal flow? You’ve come to the right place. Stackby has created a template exclusively for this purpose. With our Deal-flow Management Template, you can record and track your deal’s details on a single interface. How can you use deal flow management template for your organization? The Deal-flow management template will allow you to: Bring information via pitch forms - startup name, description, URL, categories, pitch deck attachments and more.  Record the source of a particular deal for future reference. Track the current status of the deal. You can select from the options given, including Portfolio, Due-Diligence, Negotiation, On-Hold, etc. Keep an eye on the closing date of each deal. You can also assign a deal manager to make the process simpler and easier. Attach any documents related to the deals to the template itself for easy access. The template also allows you to view the deals by their action or current status. It has an inbuilt calendar that tracks the closing of each deal. The separate tab for sources allows you to list and summarize all the sources for your deals.  Add any custom fields to record particular details of any startup.  Record the contact details - phone number, email ID of the startup representatives and their current job title in the company. Monitor and update the details as and when required. To make your job easier, the deal-flow management template comes attached with a standard Startup pitch form that can be used by your company while negotiating with them.  Quality deal flow management can be the key factor that drives the success of your company. With our custom-made deal flow management template, you can scale your startup investments and focus on what you do best - investing in future unicorns! Check out related Template Idea Tracking Corporate M&A Tracking Dealflow CRM