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Editorial Workflow Template

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We need not reiterate the importance of your Editorial Workflow. Irrespective of the medium – print or digital, the step-by-step planning and process is what results in successful execution. The ideas, the creating, the timeliness - all contribute to the timely execution.

The Stackby Editorial Planning Calendar has a secret agenda. At Stackby, we know how important it is to maintain the creativity of your writers and editors so that they churn out excellent editorials. And we wanted to take off the mundane (or let’s say – the not-so-exciting) task of creating a workflow or an editorial calendar so that they remain focused on their primary duties.

We have created an easy-to-adapt-and-use template that also acts as a real time meeting and collaboration place for you. Introduce or share ideas – bombard them here, add articles (as attachments, long texts), make edits, track your quality (yeah, just add in a table and you are good to go – manipulate it as you want), keep track of deadlines and schedule dates (as well as the other odd and even bits and pieces that are so much at home on your editorial workflow). Call it your editorial work space, and have meetings there, put in your comments - in short, have a great time working on your editorials in real time. Now, all you need to do is bring in that cup of coffee.

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