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PR Agency Activity Tracker Template

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PR Agency Activity Tracker Template
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Public Relations or PR is one of the most effective ways for businesses to build a strong online reputation. It involves creating strategies for how a business can create their goodwill and develop a cordial, trustworthy relationship with their target audience. 

A good PR strategy can actually change the future of your business and help you overcome any obstacle. A business may have its own PR management team or may hire an agency to manage its public relations. 

Benefits of a PR Agency 

Public relations agencies can improve the credibility of a business. PR helps in sending a positive message about the organization to the audience and ensures that your customers respond positively. With the right PR message, you can build trust with your target audience. 

A PR agency can increase brand awareness by helping your target audience understand your product and services. PR agencies or teams find channels and influencers who can spread the message of the company to the right audience. The more people will come to know about your brand, the more likely they will connect with it. 

PR agencies can be a huge help in disaster management. For instance, when your business receives some bad reviews from a few customers. In such a case, you need to clarify your image instantly and showcase to people that you have handled the issues gracefully. This can be done with the help of social media, press releases, and posting content on promotional sites. 

PR agencies can showcase how you are a huge member of the community and the efforts you are making towards the betterment of the community. For instance, if your business is involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, PR can use that to enhance your brand image. 

Last, but not least, PR agencies can help you find new customers and increase your sales. Your business stories and press releases form a doorway for new customers. PR teams ensure that your message is crafted the right way and resonates with your target audience. 

Who can use Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template?

This template is useful for PR agencies or marketing agencies who are handling the public relations of different clients. 

How will Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template help you? 

With Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template PR agencies can track the different PR tasks being implemented. They can keep a check on which team member is responsible for which task. 

With this PR Agency Activity Tracker template, you will be able to do the following: 

  • Track all your PR tasks in one place
  • Monitor the type of PR tasks for every client
  • Set priorities on different PR tasks (High/ Medium/ Low) 
  • Track the leads associated with each task
  • Monitor the deadlines with every PR task 
  • Add notes related to every PR task 
  • Record the people responsible for different PR tasks 
  • Track the status of the PR task, whether a task is completed 
  • Store the invoice for every PR task

Stackby’s PR Agency Activity Tracker Template gives you the complete picture of all your PR tasks in one place. You can also add more columns and data to the template and personalize it the way you want. Sort your workflow easily with Stackby.

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