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PR Outreach Template

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PR Outreach Template
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PR outreach is the process of reaching out to relevant journalists, influencers, or media outlets with the purpose of introducing your business, building relationships, and increasing brand awareness. 

Earlier PR outreach only meant getting backlinks or securing coverage in online magazines. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to do PR outreach. 

How to do PR outreach? 

To begin with, you must have a PR outreach plan that includes what you are going to tell the world about your business and where you are going to publish that. Our PR outreach template helps you track all the PR outreach activities that you have planned.

You must experiment with different channels and content. Do not limit yourself to just emails. Try using social networks, phone, and networking events and send out different content pitches. 

Massing Pitching is generally not advised in PR outreach since every channel has its own PR requirements and you must abide by them. Our PR outreach tracker helps you keep a check on what you are pitching to different channels. 

Before you decide to send your pitch to any journalist, editor, or writer, make sure that they will like it. Check the previous PR posts they have released and see whether your pitch matches them. There is no point in sending irrelevant pitches. You can check the Contacts table in our PR outreach template to track this goal. 

Who can use Stackby’s PR Outreach Template?

This template is useful for PR agencies, PR managers, PR management teams, marketing teams, and business owners. 

How will Stackby’s PR Outreach Template Help You? 

With the PR Outreach template, you can keep a track of all your PR outreach tasks such as the people you have contacted for PR outreach, the pitches you have used for which channel, your PR outreach contacts, the PR articles that you have created, and so on. This template will help you organize every detail of your PR outreach process. 

You can use Stackby’s PR Outreach Template for the following purposes: 

  • Maintain a record of all your PR outreach channels 
  • Keep a record of all your PR outreach contacts, their emails, articles that they have published, pitches shared with them, and so on
  • Track all your PR pitches for different channels, their delivery method (email, blog, etc), audience (customers, prospects, events), etc 
  • Track your PR articles like article created by, publish date, status (published, not published), media channel, and related pitches
  • Track the publications in which you have either sent your pitches or have sent your particles for publication, contacts related to each publication, and the number of articles published

If you are looking to streamline your PR outreach process, this template will help you a lot. This template helps you track all your PR outreach activities so that you can make follow-ups, begin new projects, and manage your PR activities easily.

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