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PR Tracker Template

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PR Tracker Template
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Public Relations is the management of the communication or the flow of information between an organization or individual and the public so that it reaches the customers the way you want and changes their perception.

When you must maintain client information for PR purposes, whether you are doing it for an individual or an organization, the number of tasks you need to do and the plethora of information you must maintain, and the track is too much.

Keeping up with every task and remembering every piece of information can be a bit too much. A PR tracker will help you out with this and make you productive by maintaining and keeping track of all the information for you in a single platform.  

Why do we need a PR Tracker Template?

A public relation tracker template is used to keep track and to manage the PR tasks and projects. Whether you must manage multiple clients or a PR manager, a PR tracker will help you monitor all your PR tasks on a single platform.

You can include your publication links, keep track of your client's contact details, and organize your information to ensure your PR efforts are as smooth as possible. 

With a professional PR tracker that keeps all your PR related information stored safely and tasks organized, you will become more efficient and productive. 

You can also collaborate with other team members by sharing the template so that all of the people responsible for client management are on the same page.

You will be able to pull out any information conveniently and analyze it for future use. It is very effective and easy to use with easy accessibility anytime. 

Who will find PR tracker template useful?

This template will be useful for PR agencies, PR managers, marketing teams, business owners & SMEs. 

How will Stackby’s PR Tracker Template help you?

With Stackby's PR tracker template, you will be able to track and organize all the PR information you need to manage in a single platform and save an immense amount of time. 

With the PR Tracker Template, you will be able to:

  • Track all your targets in one place. 
  • Record the phone number and email address in each case. 
  • Track the contact person assigned to each target. 
  • Track the status of the communication (Reached Out/ Follow Up/ Closing/ Rejected).
  • Record the agenda in each case (Marketing/ Sales/ Advertisements/ Funding/ etc.).
  • Store the details of the pitch for each client.
  • Monitor the date of the initial contact and last catch-up. 
  • Track the total targets allotted to each contact person. You can also store their contact details here in the pr tracker template.

It is quite easy to update the PR tracker template and add your details manually by your own hands or by uploading an existing excel sheet. You can then categorize it the way you want. 

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