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Habit Tracker Template

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Habit Tracker Template
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A Habit tracker is used to record your daily activities. The most common use of a habit tracker is developing a new habit or trying to stop an old habit and make specific changes to your lifestyle.

What is a Habit Tracker Template?

In simple terms, a free habit tracker template is a measure for you to see if you've made a habit daily or not. A habit tracker is often used as a visual reminder to do something daily or avoid something daily. A habit tracker template lets you record your accomplishments, tasks you have done daily, things you avoided all day, etc.

Why do you need a Habit Tracker Template?

A habit tracker, as mentioned earlier, is used to record your daily tasks. It is mainly used to create a new habit for someone or to help them let go of an old habit. Someone who successfully manages to record and complete their tasks daily are more likely to have achieved their goal.

When marking a habit tracker daily, it motivates you to keep going and not lose your streak when you see your success daily. This constant positive reinforcement helps people build a habit successfully.

The visual cue again plays a part here. When you write down your goals and set them apart for yourself, and see them daily, you tend to follow them rigorously and try to achieve the goal no matter the obstacle because you see your progress daily, and that progress pushes you to keep moving forward.

Who is this template for?

Anyone who has specific goals to achieve can use this Habit Trackertemplate to get one step closer to it.

How will Stackby’s Free Habit Tracker Template help you?

Stackby’s Habit Tracker template is one of the best habit tracker templates in the market. It is useful because:

  • It can be customized according to your needs and preferences. You will be able to add separate columns to accommodate new habits.
  • You can choose your habit tracker to be a daily tracker, where you can daily check-in and record all the tasks and activities you have done. 
  • It could be a weekly tracker, where at the end of the week you would come and summarise all the things you have done and what you have missed out.
  • You can also do a monthly tracker as well, checking-in once every month to record your achievements.

The Habit Tracker is completely customizable and can be designed to suit your particular requirements easily.

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