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Student Tracking Template

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Student Tracking Template
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Students continually need to be supervised and guided throughout their student life for their overall development. However, in a big academic institution, it becomes difficult to monitor every student individually. The Student Tracking Template by Stackby brings you the best-prepared documentation of the necessary fields that need to be paid attention to regarding the performance of your students that helps them perform better in their institutions. This helps you solve your student monitoring problem and helps you stay updated on the student's requirements.  

Why is a student tracking template essential?

A student tracking template is essential because it helps improve the performance of both the pupil and the academic institution. It simplifies the process of monitoring every student through outdated techniques of registering and filing. Instead, it is designed to provide information on the student and their progress all in one place that makes the job easier for the academic institution. 

How will Stackby’s Student Tracking Template be useful to you?

  • This template will help to record the student's information, including their name, unique IDs, the status of their improvement, internships, and every other detail, the monitoring of which will improve their performance. 
  • It also helps the school/university keep track of the departmental performance of the students in a manner that allows them to see the overall performance of the department. 
  • The template allows you to record the names and details of the student advisors as well. Monitoring the students through these advisors also enables the institution to pay attention to the students' performance in an individual manner. 
  • The template helps track the credits earned by the student so that it is easily accessible to them and the institution. 
  • The tracking of students according to their field of study is also available through the course tracking option. This allows the institute to see whether the student is a good fit for that particular course or if their skills are compatible with another line of study. This allows the students to polish their strengths and work on their weaknesses. 

Tracking students is an easy way of upgrading the entire academia's performance and completing the responsibility of an institution that works on the genuine overall development of their students. 

Who will find this template useful?

Schools, colleges, universities will mostly be finding the use of this template. Other than that, coaching centres, extra tutorial institutions, and open course academies will find this template very helpful.

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