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Trade Show Planning Template

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Trade Show Planning Template
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How Stackby's Trade Show Planning Template will help you ?

Are you planning an exhibition? Do you want to organize a trade fair in your city? Or are you looking for sponsors to fund your event? If the answer is yes, then you need proper software to help you manage your event! Stackby’s Trade Show Planning Template was designed for just that.

With multiple variables on the board, keeping track of everything can be quite a hassle! However, the key to a successful trade show plan is proper management.

From allotting booths to companies to tracking the revenue generated, each aspect needs to be carefully monitored.

Everyone aims to organize a trade show that leaves a lasting impression on their guests and generates revenue for their company at the same time.

To solve all your problems and assist you in your trade show plan, Stackby is here with its tailor-made Trade Show Planning Template. You can now record every detail of your trade show, conference, or exhibition plan with the click of a single button. 

With Stackby’s Trade Show Template, you can track your sponsors, booths, VIP guests, and so on. It can be used for exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. Using this trade show planning template, you can:

  • Record the names of all companies that are taking part in your exhibition.
  • Store the contact details of the company representative to facilitate smooth communication.
  • Assign booths to each company in your exhibition.
  • Record the type of booth assigned to the company. You can also record the company’s total booth cost and the total number of stalls booked by each.
  • Record the potential revenue of each booth and monitor the realized revenue for the same. Calculate the difference to analyze where you are falling behind.
  • Record the details of all the sponsors for the event or exhibition.
  • Store the sponsorship type (Platinum/ Gold/ Silver) and the same (In Discussion/ Confirmed/ Paid) status. 
  • Track the amount of money contributed by each sponsor. You can also attach the sponsorship proposal with your template to allow easy access to your team members.
  • Record the name of the VIP guests visiting your exhibition and the corresponding date of the visit. Keep a record of the number of gifts passes sent to each VIP guest to date.
  • Track the exhibition-related tasks due to be completed and the deadline for each task. Assign a team and team leader to each task to ensure that it is done on time.
  • Store the details of all your team members and their supervisors.

You can now record and update all the details of your exhibition with our user-friendly Trade Show Planning Template. Copy the stack today and organize a successful event with minimum effort!

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