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Action Item Tracker Template

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Action Item Tracker Template
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Action items are essential for a business to complete discrete tasks and for the business to function smoothly. The Stackby Action Item Template helps you keep track of all these items so you can follow them up by completing the tasks.

What is an action item, and how is it useful?

An action item is a task assigned to a certain person(s) who will specifically be required to take care of it. These items usually arise after a meeting and tend to be an internal affair of the firm. Dealing with these tasks is necessary because they are crucial for the management of several departments. It adds to the productivity of the firm. 

How is the Stackby Action Item Template going to help you?

  • This template allows you to note all the crucial details after a meeting so that none of the tasks is neglected. 
  • It helps you track the status and progress of the completion of the task.
  • The accurate trace of the commencement date and the end helps you meet your deadlines without compromising the work quality.
  • The category and type of task can all be recorded in the action item template. 
  • The template allows you to insert attachments and links that simplify your work while you’re looking for important files and documents. 
  • The contacts and the person working on the item can be listed in this template so that workflow is smoothened and communication is improved. 

Who will find the use of this template?

Business executives will be finding the use of this template along with managers or any team working on the action items of the firm.

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