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Casting Sheet and Auditions Template

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Casting Sheet and Auditions Template
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Casting and auditions need proper organizing and updates since it involves recruiting the key pieces of the video/movie project. Stackby's Casting and Auditions Template assists you during this crucial phase, delivering the best results. 

How will Stackby’s Casting Sheet and Auditions Template help you?

  • It presents the data of the actors with due respect to the roles they’re applying for. This allows the casting directors to select the most appropriate candidate for the role at hand.
  • The audition template enables the directors to track the selected actors, their parts, and their performance progress.
  • The template also provides detail of the skill and experience required of the actors to be given suitable roles to fit into the narrative more naturally.
  • The workflow is made smoother and more manageable with the help of the audition template as it tracks the number, type, and characters in the scenes. 
  • The casting crew doesn't have to look very far while casting other characters to cast with the previous list of auditionees records.
  • The casting sheet and audition template make communication easier between the casting crew and the actors with all their contact information, including phone numbers, agencies, and websites.

Who will find this template useful?

Casting directors and entertainment agencies are likely to find the casting sheet and audition template helpful. Drama and Musical theatres may also find this to be helpful.

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