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Idea Tracking Template

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Idea Tracking Template
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Any organization that truly stands out from the rest in the market has one thing in common – embracing innovation. Uber is an example of innovative leaders, whereas Apple and Microsoft are examples of constant reinvention and innovation.

Any organization which expects to keep its edge in the market without innovation is fighting a losing battle. Also, supporting various ideas from within your organization is one of the best ways to foster a progressive culture. Our Idea Tracking Template can help make the process smoother.

Why do we need an Idea Tracking Template?

Even though promoting an innovative culture is in your organization’s best interest, idea tracking and managing all the ideas tossed within or by your employees separately can be very hectic and time-consuming.

An idea tracking software will help you track and organize all the data in a single platform. It will keep you updated with the multiple ideas tossed by your employees and what all of them entail. You can also keep track of the approved ideas and the stage they are in at the moment using the Idea Tracking Template. 

Your time will be saved because all the data will be kept in a single platform, and you will be able to pull up any information easily.

Who is this template useful for?

This idea tracking Template will be useful for social media teams, business owners, small businesses, marketing teams, sales teams, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, PR agencies, & SMEs. 

How will Stackby’s Idea Tracking template help you?

The idea tracking software by Stackby is an amazing tool with a colourful modern touch. It is very convenient to use and is easily customizable according to your own needs. Using this template:

  • You can share the template amongst your team members and give them access to add any ideas they come up with.
  • You can use the votes column and ask another member of the team to vote if they like the idea. This gives you an easy understanding of the ideas you should execute.
  • You can also divide multiple ideas by their types in the template – like content, a new purchase, recruitments, etc.
  • Anyone who is adding any new ideas in the template can elaborate on them or give more details in the sheet's detail column.
  • You can also easily know who has contributed which idea in the idea tracking software.
  • You can easily check the date on which any new idea was added in the template.
  • You can categorize all the ideas according to your convenience – Website blog, management, HR, etc.
  • You can also track their status – are they completed or not?
  • You also get this template in Kanban style which will help you categorize multiple ideas according to the team members who submitted it – or any way you want it!  
  • You also get a form view within this template. It is essentially the form that your teammates have to fill to enter any of their ideas in the template.

If you are looking forward to promoting an innovative environment in your organization and keeping track of the ideas, this free Idea tracking template is perfect for your enterprise.

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