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Film Production Cashflow Template

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Film Production Cashflow Template
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Budgeting is one of the most crucial aspects of any film production process. If the financial resources are not allocated and managed correctly, the entire film production process can come to a screeching halt. Stackby’s Film Production Cash Flow Template will help you avoid just that.

Film making, in simple terms, can be reduced to five simple stages:

  1. Development: This stage lays the groundwork for the process, and the preliminary budget and tentative dates are finalized.
  2. Pre-Production: Schedules are further amended, actors are cast, and budgets are adjusted in this stage.
  3. Production: During this stage, your ideas turn into reality, and most of the budget is utilized.
  4. Post-Production: The recorded footage is edited and takes its final form in this stage.
  5. Distribution: This final stage of the process is where you get the returns for the investments you made throughout the process. A good marketing strategy is key to the success of this stage.

Each stage of the entire process has its budget, depending on the nature of the work. Maintaining meticulous records of each payment made and ensuring that your expenses don’t cross the budget allocated can prove to be exhausting and tedious. However, it is an essential and inevitable aspect of filmmaking and our Film Production Cashflow Template makes it easier to execute.

A cash flow template will allow you to keep track of your film production process’s day-to-day expenses in a structured manner in real-time. With Stackby’s Film Production Cash Flow Template, you can record all your data on a single interface for easy and direct access. So, the question arises. Why should you choose our product for maintaining your cashflow records? Here’s why.

Stackby’s Film Production Cash Flow Template will keep track of every detail starting from the development stage to the release and distribution of your film. Using this cash flow template, you can:

  • Maintain details of each kind of expense for every stage (Daily/ Hourly expense).
  • Record the account to which each expense has been charged (Talent/ Production/ Location/ Editorial etc.).
  • Distribute the expense between the prep, shoot and wrap processes and calculate the total cost incurred.
  • Compare and contrast the estimated final cost with the budget allocated to calculate the variance. This will help you understand if you’ve crossed the assigned budget for that stage and task.
  • Keep detailed records of purchase order logs.
  • Record the payee, date, description of purchase order logs.
  • Keep track of the status of each PO log (Paid/ Not Paid).

This is just a brief overview of how you can use our Film Production Cash Flow Template to accomplish your objective and work within your budget. Access the template from our website and use it yourself for a better understanding!

Maintaining the production cash flow will now be a walk in the park with Stackby’s Film Production Cash Flow Template! If you're also doing production planning, check out our Film Production Planning Template as well.

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