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Film Production Planning Template

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Film Production Planning Template
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How Stackby's Film Production Planning Template help ?

“To make a film is easy; to make a good film is war. To make a particularly good film is a miracle." - Alejandro González Iñárritu (Film Director). 

With Stackby’s Film Production Planning Template, you can live your very own miracle!

The idea originates in the most obscure places, be it a train ride back home or a lazy Sunday afternoon. A story begins to take shape in your head, and a script is formed. You choose your cast, assemble your crew, and the production of the film starts.

However, it is not that simple a process. The film is one of the most beautiful and visually engaging mediums of narrating a story. But viewers often cannot perceive the amount of planning and coordination required to produce a single film. Starting from the development, to budgeting to the distribution, film production is carried out in various stages. Thus, a platform to organize everything will significantly lighten the load and that’s where our Film Production Planning Template comes into play. 

Defining everyone involved in the production process, setting deadlines, allotting resources, and promoting seamless communication is the cornerstone of an efficient production process. Whether it involves assembling the cast and crew, arranging for requisite equipment, or editing a film, you will need a tool to keep track of every little detail continuously.

The nature of work involves a wide range of people engaged in different segments with the aim to produce a film that viewers will enjoy and appreciate. Since Each stage varies in length, different templates are usually used to handle different processes. For example, a film budget template is one of the most used templates while planning a film’s budget and financial requirements.

That is why we’re here! Stackby’s Film Production Planning Template will help you do just that!

Plan your entire film production process on a single platform with our Film Production Planning Template. From scheduling shoots to filling communication gaps, this all-in-one template is tailor-made to suit your production needs and ensure an obstacle-free film making process. Using the filmmaker templates or Film Production Planning Template, you will be able to:

  • Define the responsibilities of your crew members.
  • Store the communication details of all the members in one place.
  • Set scenes, assign scene ID, and add scene notes to ensure that every detail meets your level of satisfaction.
  • Schedule each scene and track the status of the same (Done/ Not Done)
  • Track the cast working on each scene.
  • Record the duration and set up each shot.
  • Schedule each shot separately and track the number of retakes already done.
  • Keep track of which crew has been assigned to each scene.
  • Keep track of who has been cast in which role and store all the cast members’ headshots.
  • Update the details as and when required from a single platform.

Planning and executing your film production process has never been so easy! Track your production planning in real-time with Stackby’s Film Production Planning Template! If you're looking to manage your film production cashflow, check out this template as well.

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