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Personal Budget Template By Stackby Templates

Personal Budget

Stackby brings a personal budget template for everyone. We know how seeing our paychecks make us feel like saving all our money for something big. But then, life happens. We are bound to spend our hard-earned money on different things we need (sometimes, on the things we want!).  A personal budget planner template helps you plan and track your spendings every month so that you can manage your cash flow and extend your savings.  Plan your savings: At the beginning of every month, you can set aside a budget for your monthly expenses.  Track your income: How much are you earning every month? Keep a track of everything in one place and plan your budget.  Track your expenses: How much are you spending and on what? Keep a track on your monthly expenses to keep a budget.  Refine your plan: If you think things are getting out of control, revise your plan and make sure you do better the next month. Jot down all your insights that can help you improve your savings.  How to use Stackby’s Personal Budget Template?  Step 1: Note your net income - To create a personal budget, you must know how much money is coming in. This net income is the total money that you receive every month in hand.  Step 2: Track your spendings - Start by listing all your fixed expenses such as rent or other fixed payments. Then track your variable expenses like groceries, bills, etc.  Step 3: Set goals - Now that you know how much money you are earning and how much money you need for expenses, you can set goals for your monthly savings.  Step 4: Plan - Decide how you will achieve those goals. For example, some people use the 60-20-20 rule where they spend 60% of their earnings, save 20% in their bank account and another 20% as an emergency fund.  Step 5: Find where to cut down expenses - Once you have the monthly list of your expenses, take note of where you can cut down and save more. This needs to be especially if you are not able to meet your financial goals.  Step 6: Keep tracking - A personal budget is of now use if you are not using it to keep a track of your income and expenses. Update your budget every week, track down every single expense for a better visualization of your cash flow.  Who can use the Personal Budget Template? Stackby’s personal budget template is useful for everyone whether you are a student, a solopreneur or a working professional. Anyone can use this template to keep a check on their monthly and yearly budget.  What are the main features of Stackby’s Personal Budget Template? Stackby’s personal budget template is the right finance tracker that you need to use to get a real picture of your finances. This tool will help you improve your spending habits and make progress towards achieving your financial goals. With this template you can: Track your monthly budget Track your actual income for every month Track the actual expenses for every month  Find savings made in every month  Keep a list of all your monthly expenses (cost, type, month) Keep a list of all your monthly incomes (income, type, month) You can further customize this template as per your personal budget requirements. You can add more columns to create a detailed budget. You can visualize your budget in the form of a grid, calendar or kanban style and get a better idea of your spendings.  Other personal and hobby templates: Work Schedule Template Habit Tracker To-do List Action Tracker Template
Work Schedule Template by Stackby Templates

Work Schedule

An organized working space ensures an efficient business. When disarray hits your business and work piles up, the Stackby Work Schedule Template comes to the rescue. From important meetings to impromptu events, this template is here to keep track of it all.  What is a Work Schedule Template? A work schedule template is a pre-made, ready-to-use format that keeps track of the routines of the employees of a firm. It monitors their tasks, working hours, holidays, events, and project outlines. A beneficial aspect is that it can be freely customized and edited according to the change in one's pre-planned schedule without any hassle, thus keeping the office up to date.  Why is a Work Schedule important? It standardizes the working system by preventing confusion of working hours.  It provides clear-cut information on the employees' working hours, preventing them from being overworked or inefficient. Assists in time management and meeting deadlines. It utilizes the office workforce to the maximum without risking the employees' health or the efficiency of the business. Moreover, it helps the employees in maintaining a balance between their personal and work life.  What does the Stackby Work Schedule Template offer? It tracks the working and recess periods of the employees. It allows the employees to record upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other such events. The team and its composition can be recorded along with the type and nature of the task.  It helps to prioritize the work to efficiently manage their work even in a time-deprived period. It provides the date of commencement and the date due for work submission to meet deadlines.  The Stackby work schedule shows the complete overview of work turned in and the work due such that minor tasks are not missed. This hassle-free template can be edited and updated as and when required. This especially comes in handy when unnotified and unplanned events need to be squeezed into your schedule.  The search feature further simplifies work, with the help of which any project or task can be looked up without the employee having to go through a series of unwanted information. Who will find this template useful? The work schedule template is extremely handy for employers and employees of firms looking to manage their tight schedules. Content marketing and advertising digital marketing firms should find it useful and easy to operate. Moreover, businesses that are majorly dependent on social media for their marketing should find this template easy and effective to use.
Habit Tracker Template By Stackby Templates

Habit Tracker

A Habit tracker is used to record your daily activities. The most common use of a habit tracker is developing a new habit or trying to stop an old habit and make specific changes to your lifestyle. What is a Habit Tracker Template? In simple terms, a free habit tracker template is a measure for you to see if you've made a habit daily or not. A habit tracker is often used as a visual reminder to do something daily or avoid something daily. A habit tracker template lets you record your accomplishments, tasks you have done daily, things you avoided all day, etc. Why do you need a Habit Tracker Template? A habit tracker, as mentioned earlier, is used to record your daily tasks. It is mainly used to create a new habit for someone or to help them let go of an old habit. Someone who successfully manages to record and complete their tasks daily are more likely to have achieved their goal. When marking a habit tracker daily, it motivates you to keep going and not lose your streak when you see your success daily. This constant positive reinforcement helps people build a habit successfully. The visual cue again plays a part here. When you write down your goals and set them apart for yourself, and see them daily, you tend to follow them rigorously and try to achieve the goal no matter the obstacle because you see your progress daily, and that progress pushes you to keep moving forward. Who is this template for? Anyone who has specific goals to achieve can use this Habit Trackertemplate to get one step closer to it. How will Stackby’s Free Habit Tracker Template help you? Stackby’s Habit Tracker template is one of the best habit tracker templates in the market. It is useful because: It can be customized according to your needs and preferences. You will be able to add separate columns to accommodate new habits. You can choose your habit tracker to be a daily tracker, where you can daily check-in and record all the tasks and activities you have done.  It could be a weekly tracker, where at the end of the week you would come and summarise all the things you have done and what you have missed out. You can also do a monthly tracker as well, checking-in once every month to record your achievements. The Habit Tracker is completely customizable and can be designed to suit your particular requirements easily. You Will Also Find these Templates Useful: Job Search, Action Tracker Template 
To-do List Template By Stackby Templates

To-do list

Whether you have to manage an event or project, have multiple tasks to complete for your startup, or need to streamline your daily tasks, a to-do list helps you set different priorities & track each task's progress. Our To-do List template helps you do this in a more efficient manner. When you make a to-do list, you can easily divide all your tasks according to time and priority. This involves either dividing them as bite-sized tasks or grouping a few tasks to save time. A to-do list template will help you organize, manage, and keep track of all the tasks you need to complete (long-term and short-term) and the status of each of them.  Why do we need a To-Do List template? A to-do list lists everything that a person wants to achieve at a certain period, which generally has the most important tasks at the top and the least ones at the bottom. The tasks at the top require our immediate attention. It may get difficult to maintain this list over time, and one could forget to update it. On top of it, it may not be easy to maintain this list without forgetting one thing or the other. A to-do list template will help you get out of this situation.  Keep track of your to-do list anytime and anywhere, even with your mobile phone. Update the list according to your needs and tick mark the ones that’s completed already. You can easily look into any task that you want to do and set a timeline for it.  Who will find this template useful? This template will be useful for any person who wants to maintain a to-do list for their daily tasks or keep their work tasks in order! How can Stackby’s To-do list Template help you? With Stackby's to-do list template, you can easily follow through on your to-do list and review each task conveniently. Using this template, you can: Make a to-do list and track each task on a single platform. Track the priority status of each task (High/ Medium/ Low). Keep track of whether a particular task has been completed or not. Monitor the difficulty level of each task (Difficult/ Moderate/ Easy). Divide your tasks into different categories (Hobby/ Job/ Desire/ Long-Term Goal/ Academic). Track the expected date of when you should finish the task along with the current status of each task. Add attachments to the template, if any.  Monitor and update the tasks as and when required.  You can also access the to-do list template in two types of Kanban view. One which has categorized tasks according to priority, and one which categorizes it according to difficulty.  Group and filter the data according to your wish and act accordingly. If you are also looking for an easy, accessible tracker for your tasks, this free to do list template can do that for you as well! You will also find these templates useful: Job Search, Habit Tracker, Action Tracker Template
Punch List Template By Stackby Templates

Punch List

No matter which industry it comes under, every organization goes through tons of activities that are needed to be performed in order to deliver the desired result.  A punch list is created for that purpose and includes all the items to be completed or fixed before a certain project is deemed to be finished. It used to be made manually by managers, and they would punch a hole in front of the completed task, hence the name. With a Punch List template by Stackby, you can do that work on any device without having to punch holes. It is a spreadsheet that helps you keep track of your tasks, and you can access it anywhere and anytime. Why do we need a Punch List Template? It could get a little too time consuming to manage the tasks through a manual punch list. With an online punch list template, you can efficiently manage all the tasks and the personnel assigned to do each task.  The punch list template makes it easier and simpler to monitor the tasks and keep track of them as to which ones are completed and which ones are still left. It is beneficial for project management as it helps in resolving any issue in the initial stage itself. A project manager has to deal with multiple tasks, change in priorities, and schedule adjustments. All these changes can be expertly and efficiently done with a Punch List Template and make decision making easy. It can be used in any field for any project, and there are columns for tasks name, status, priority, and due date of the task.  Who will find this template useful? This template will be useful for almost any person who is interested in keeping a track of anything - regular day activities, to maybe an event’s checklist.  How will Stackby’s Punch List Template help you? Stackby’s punch list template is designed specifically for making the work of a manager easy by ensuring easy handling of tasks.  With Stackby’s Punch List Template, you will be able to: Track and manage all the tasks to be done on a single platform.  Add a short description to each task, if needed.  Store any attachments related to the task in the template itself.  Record the name of the person you have assigned the task to.  Track the task status (Completed/ Planned/ Ongoing/ Halt/ Cancelled). Monitor the priority status of each task.  Store the item type and associated team for the task.  Monitor the scheduled and actual completion date.  Manage your tasks with this easy-to-use Punch List Software!  You will also find these templates useful: Habit Tracker, Job Search, Action Tracker template 
Job Search Template By Stackby Templates

Job Search

The process of job hunting is arduous. It does not matter if you are just a student searching for your first job or an experienced individual looking for a new opportunity; keeping track of numerous company and application forms will wrack your nerves. But the Job Search Template can be the solution to all your job problems. What Is a Job Search Template? Job Search Template helps an individual keep track of the companies, their contact information, their official email ids, different openings, and whatnot. Basically, this template organizes a vast amount of information. Keeping the information in the proper order can be a task on its own and might consume long hours; with the help of a job search template, the entire process could be reduced to sixty seconds. It not only reduces the stress and errors of an individual, but it effectively reduces the time that the individual will invest in hunting one distinct paper. Why Should You Use a Job Search Template? Job search template helps to manage a vast amount of information. The template has a job application tracker, which helps make the job application process easy and manageable. This is done by tracking all your movements related to the job, such as completing application forms, arranging for materials, scheduling interviews, and collecting data on the work experience. The Job Search template can easily be updated and requires a minimum amount of time. You can easily keep track of your day-to-day activities without missing one single opportunity that is coming your way. It is imperative to understand that the interviewer would take a simple glance at your resume, which will make him or her cast you in a new position, but the simplest error can decrease your chances. With the help of the Job search template, the changes will reduce to a massive scale, which will help you make a good impression on the interviewer. Customize this template to suit your needs, and give your career a head-start. Checkout other related Templates : Action Item Tracker Template
Action Item Tracker by Stackby Templates

Action Item Tracker

Action items are essential for a business to complete discrete tasks and for the business to function smoothly. The Stackby Action Item Template helps you keep track of all these items so you can follow them up by completing the tasks. What is an action item, and how is it useful? An action item is a task assigned to a certain person(s) who will specifically be required to take care of it. These items usually arise after a meeting and tend to be an internal affair of the firm. Dealing with these tasks is necessary because they are crucial for the management of several departments. It adds to the productivity of the firm.  How is the Stackby Action Item Template going to help you? This template allows you to note all the crucial details after a meeting so that none of the tasks is neglected.  It helps you track the status and progress of the completion of the task. The accurate trace of the commencement date and the end helps you meet your deadlines without compromising the work quality. The category and type of task can all be recorded in the action item template.  The template allows you to insert attachments and links that simplify your work while you’re looking for important files and documents.  The contacts and the person working on the item can be listed in this template so that workflow is smoothened and communication is improved.  Who will find the use of this template? Business executives will be finding the use of this template along with managers or any team working on the action items of the firm.Check out more related TemplatesBug Tracker