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Equipment Inventory Template

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Equipment Inventory Template
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An equipment inventory software or template is used to keep track of all the equipment used at either your office or your home. This template can be used to ensure that all the equipment owned by your company is useful and does not need repair or replacement.

What is an Equipment Inventory Template?

An Equipment Inventory template allows you to keep track of all equipment or machinery used by the company to run its business. This free equipment inventory template can be used to ensure all the available equipment and machinery owned or rented by any company is being used effectively and efficiently. 

This template lets you know exactly where certain equipment is present and if it's being used or is sitting idle. This ensures none of the equipment is unaccounted for.

Why do you need an Equipment Inventory Template?

An Equipment Inventory Template can be used to confirm that the resources, equipment, and machinery of any company are being used effectively and efficiently. It helps to make sure that there is no wastage and duplication of use of any equipment.

This Equipment Inventory template keeps a detailed record of where and when the equipment has been used. It makes it easier for the company to track the physical and financial condition of the equipment such as if the equipment is damaged, if they need repairs or replacements, etc.

The Equipment inventory template also provides you with complete details about the purchase history and date of purchase. This makes asset management easier and ensures the equipment is getting regular service checks to ensure they operate optimally and do not cost the company more money than it makes.

Who is this template for?

No matter the size, every company must use this template to organize their equipment and manage them effectively and efficiently systematically.

How will Stackby’s Equipment Inventory Template help you?

  • Our free equipment inventory template offers you a complete overview and the ability to manage your equipment in the best possible manner.
  • Along with the name of the equipment and the item number, you are also provided with images to identify them, making it easier for the company to keep track of its resources.
  • Using this template, you would know what type of equipment is being used exactly where within minutes, making the entire process of asset management easier for the company.
  • You are also provided with a column that mentions the equipment's condition, making sure that if the equipment needs a repair or replacement, it is being done on time so that productivity does not diminish. 
  • You also get real-time updates about the whereabouts of your equipment in the “status” column. 
  • Combine all this with the ability to edit and filter the template according to your need freely, and you have one of the best asset management templates at your fingertips to manage the equipment owned by your company.

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