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Product Catalog Template

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Productivity is the basis, and the ultimate aim of any business, especially small businesses.

However, sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the best out of your work while looking after each detail & trying to stay on top of it.

Managing multiple orders from multiple vendors and all the little details can prove to be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

A product catalog helps you manage all the details regarding your products, supply, and maintain vendor relationships. A product catalog template can help you maintain all these data in an organized and accessible way.

Why do you need a Product Catalog?

Memorizing information about every product’s features is a difficult task. Making a product catalog and scribbling all the information related to the product helps the sellers and the customers make a purchasing decision.

A product catalog template can help you in keeping track of all your products and the related information. You can use it to have easy access to all the products you have, the ones you have ordered, and those you still need to order.

You can easily pull up information about any and all the products you have or sold. You can add images, add notes, and customize it. You can also categorize the products according to their build, vendor, or anyway you like.

How can Stackby’s Product Catalog Template help you?

  • You can keep every kind of information about every product listed on different columns such as product name, picture, price, vendor, client, date, etc., in one place. The template can also be customized according to your requirements; use the filter accordingly to access the information you require.
  • Keep up with all the information regarding your products – availability, vendor availability, if you need to put in any order, etc. The ease of accessibility you gain after having all the information about all your products in one place will ultimately increase your productivity.
  • You can also add product details, images, and anything you need. The template is completely customizable; you can add all the information you want and categorize it in any way you’d like.
  • View it in a Gallery and share with your customers or embed it on your website, and let your clients stay up-to date with your products, in real-time. 

Stackby’s Product Catalog template can easily be your time-saver and the most treasured possession for your business. Use it for free today and create your custom product catalog.