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Restaurant Inventory Tracking Templates

Restaurant Inventory Tracking

Keeping track of the restaurant inventory is very crucial and keeps the business going. Tracking inventory to avoid wastage is necessary, and Stackby's Restaurant Inventory Tracking Template will help you with just that. It will allow you to be in control of your business and have a smooth flow of operations.

What is a Restaurant Inventory Tracking Template?

A restaurant inventory is recorded to keep track of the supplies needed to prepare meals. A restaurant inventory tracking template is a pre-made, ready-to-use format that helps you keep track of everything you have, thus making you organized. A restaurant inventory tracking template allows you to view your inventory in a calendar mode and tells you which inventory requires restocking and at what date the supplies are received, thus keeping you up to date with your business and its components.

What Does the Stackby Restaurant Inventory Tracking Template Offer?

  • It keeps a record of all the inventory you have.
  • It keeps the record of the vendors you supply to and from, along with the status of the purchase order.
  • It helps in effective and efficient management by keeping every item and its details separately, thus freeing you from the hassle of doing manual data entry.
  • It records the date at which the items are reordered and the date at which they are stocked.
  • It also records the amount at which the item has been bought and the number of items. The total cost and the tax given are also mentioned separately for your future benefit.
  • Stackby’s restaurant inventory tracking shows a complete overview of the purchase that needs to be made and has already been made in a calendar mode that is easy to read.

Who Will Find This Template Useful?

Restaurant owners or managers can use this template to keep track of the inventory to avoid lagging because of a lack of ingredients. Also, apart from the managers, the warehouse staff can take help from the template to keep the warehouse in proper order and function efficiently.

Order Tracking and Invoicing Templates

Order Tracking and Invoicing

Whether you run a small local business, a start-up venture, or a multinational company, managing client orders and generating invoices for the work done is a part of your daily routine. If that’s the case, then our Order Tracking and Invoicing template is exactly what you need.

Clients place orders with your company daily. It is your job to identify the tasks that need to be completed for each project and assign the same to your team members. Tracking each client order from start to finish in real-time is essential to ensure that the work is done on time.

In the midst of all this, multiple invoices are generated which need to be carefully recorded and preserved. You need to monitor the due date for each invoice to ensure that you receive all the money and on time from the clients. 

With multiple clients and too many project orders, it’s easy to lose track of the process. Maintaining multiple databases for this purpose can also be quite cumbersome for most companies. So, what should you do?

We here, at Stackby, are committed to our goal of making your job easier. That’s why we have developed the Order Tracking and Invoicing Template for you. With this customizable and user-friendly template, you will be able to manage everything from a single interface. 

How will Stackby’s Order Tracking and Invoicing Template help you monitor and manage client projects, tasks, and invoices?

Using this template, you will be able to:

  • Keep detailed records of all your current clients and the projects assigned by each client to your company.
  • Store the billing address and billing contact for each client along with the total amount billed. You can also record and update the payment specifics and payment terms as and when required.
  • Add contact details of all your clients to avoid any communication gap.
  • Record the orders placed by each client. The template comes with a standardized built-in project order form which can be used by clients to assign new projects to your company.
  • Track the ongoing projects that you and your team are responsible for and the corresponding project category (Branding/ Social Media Marketing/ Website Designing/ Online Marketing/ etc.).
  • Monitor the overall status of each project. You can also track the total hours worked and the project rate per hour. This will allow you to calculate the total amount for each project, the corresponding tax rate, and the tax amount.
  • Track the payment due date for a project and check if the client has made payment.
  • Keep track of the invoices generated under each project, its amount, due date, and payment terms and conditions.
  • Record the tasks due under each project and the team member in charge of each task.
  • Monitor, record and update the details as and when required.

Simplify and streamline your project orders and invoices with this easy-to-use Order Tracking & Invoicing Template. 

Gallery Asset Management Templates

Gallery Asset Management

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Art can be one person’s occupation, another person’s hobby, and it is a form of therapy for some.

Setting up and maintaining a gallery allows you to display the artwork in an aesthetically pleasing manner to attract potentially interested buyers and individuals with a genuine appreciation for art.

Whether you own a small enterprise or a well-established gallery, managing and running require a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills. You need to keep track of all the artwork bought and sold and the artists you have collaborated with. From maintaining inventory, day to day administration to developing relations with talented artists, as a manager of an art gallery, you are responsible for ensuring its financial stability and artistic development.  

Managing the gallery, communicating with artists, and engaging with potential art collectors requires a lot of hard work, patience, a keen eye, and attention to detail. To simplify your job and assist you in managing your gallery, Stackby has launched its very own Gallery Asset Management Template!

Using our Gallery Asset Management Template, you can create and regularly update your database of information on your artwork, artists, and business contacts. You can also track the artwork that you have lent to shows and exhibitions with great ease! The Gallery Asset Management Template will enable you to:

  • View all the art pieces in your collection on a single interface.
  • Store the current prices of each piece.
  • Record the artists who have contributed pieces to the gallery.
  • Store the artist’s photograph and a description of each artist to understand their artwork better.
  • Make notes on each piece from the collection to keep track of any work that needs to be done.
  • Track the starting price of each artist’s work to estimate the price range of their pieces.
  • Store the names of the business contacts who are interested in the pieces from your gallery.
  • Record the contact details and address of each business contact to ensure smooth communication.
  • Keep track of which category each contact belongs to (Interior Designer/ Collector/ Investor).
  • Record the shows and exhibitions where the artwork from your gallery is on display.
  • Store the contract agreement, contract start, end date, and current location of each show and exhibition.

Stackby’s Gallery Asset Management Template allows you to store and continuously update extensive details about your gallery in real-time on one platform with a single click of a button. Apply our template to reduce your effort and increase your efficiency overnight! You don’t need to take our word for it. Use our Gallery Asset Management Template and notice the difference!

Get Stackby’s Gallery Asset Management Template now and manage your gallery without any hassle!

Visitor Management System Templates

Visitor Management System

Whether you run an FMCG company, a software company, or a clothing company, there is no doubt that you get multiple visitors on any given day. From customers looking to address their queries to business associates visiting to discuss important issues, organizations receive visitors of all kinds.

When you enter the premises of a company, you must have gone through some form of the visitor experience. You may have entered your details in a sign-in sheet or been given a keycard to allow access to different areas of the building. Every company installs its own version of visitor management to monitor their visitors.

Keeping track of every individual visiting your premises and the purpose of the visit is extremely important. 

One of the most important reasons for installing a visitor management system is to have a detailed record of who has entered your building. You should be aware of the time, purpose, and duration of their visit.

From job candidates, potential clients to vendor representatives, each company receives multiple visitors regularly. It is important to ensure that everyone is treated well. This has a significant impact on your brand image and perception. Hence, visitor management can be regarded as a part of your brand identity.

However, visitor management can be quite a tedious task. Are you looking for a tool to help you manage and monitor your records with the click of a single button? Well, your search is over! You have come to the right place! Stackby has developed a customizable Visitor Management System Template for just this purpose!

Bid adieu to the days of maintaining manual records and multiple databases. With Stackby’s Visitor Management System Template, you can automate the entire process! 

The template comes with an in-built standard visitor’s form that will allow you to streamline the entire process easily! You don’t have to maintain multiple visitor form formats. This standard form can be given to all visitors.

Using our Visitor Management System Template, you will be able to:

  • Keep a detailed record of every visitor on a single platform.
  • Record the reason behind the visit for each visitor. Check whether it was Business or Personal.
  • Record the name of the company that each visitor belongs to.
  • Store the date and exact time of the visit for each visitor.
  • Add the contact details for every visitor for any further communication.
  • Record the name of the person whom the visitor wanted to meet during his/ her visit.
  • Add the visitor form and import all the details from each form directly to your template.
  • Record the names of all your team members. You can also store their contact information, including phone number and email ID, to avoid any communication gap.
  • Monitor the total number of visitors that have visited each member of your team.
  • Manage and update the details as and when required. 

Copy the stack today and simplify your visitor management system with this user-friendly visitor management template. 

Expense Tracking Templates

Expense Tracking

Whether you live by yourself or run a business, managing all expenses and spending the right amount of money on the right things can be a bit hectic. It would help if you kept a rein on your expenses using an expense tracker template. That’s where our Expense Tracking Template comes in.

As a business owner, you must have all the information handy about what and how much expenses your business is incurring and what needs to be changed. Managing expenses can be a difficult task, be it business-related or your personal expenditure. 

Use this Expense Tracker Template and keep a check of all your business expenses and customize them according to your needs. From planning spends to managing invoice payments, track all pertinent details from one location. 

How can Expense Tracking benefit your business?

Tracking the Expenses can help in business in the following ways:

  1. Better Money Management: If you are a student or someone who spends a lot of money and fails to achieve their savings goal or splurge in general – this can be a good thing for you. Getting better at money management means getting financially stronger! From another perspective, if you are a business owner, it is crucial that you have full knowledge about your expenses for the whole year and not just at the end of the financial year or during the tax month.
  2. Always be prepared during the Tax season: Having a thorough knowledge of the expenses will help you know in advance which expenses are tax-deductible. You can calculate that amount on a prior basis.
  3. Makes business forecasting easier: When you are keeping track of your expenses, you will find it easier to forecast how much profit the business will earn or at least have an idea. You can plan the activities for the next financial year and expenses accordingly. It will also come in handy when you have your investor meetings and will help you plan effective business strategies.

Why would you need an Expense Tracker Template?

  • To keep track of all the expenses done by you individually; or incurred in your business. 
  • To plan the inflows and outflows of the money.
  • To save your time and improve your productivity.

How would Stackby’s Expense Tracker Template help you?

Stackby’s Expense Tracker Template is quite simple to use. You do not need to be a professional or have any coding or accounting experience. All you must do is put all the expenses on a column and other information on different columns. There are different columns from all kinds of information such as category, price, date, name of the vendor, etc.

The template can be used by businesses also in any industry and can be completely customized according to your needs. 

Product Catalog Templates

Product Catalog

Productivity is the basis, and the ultimate aim of any business, especially small businesses.

However, sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the best out of your work while looking after each detail & trying to stay on top of it.

Managing multiple orders from multiple vendors and all the little details can prove to be a little overwhelming, to say the least.

A product catalog helps you manage all the details regarding your products, supply, and maintain vendor relationships. A product catalog template can help you maintain all these data in an organized and accessible way.

Why do you need a Product Catalog?

Memorizing information about every product’s features is a difficult task. Making a product catalog and scribbling all the information related to the product helps the sellers and the customers make a purchasing decision.

A product catalog template can help you in keeping track of all your products and the related information. You can use it to have easy access to all the products you have, the ones you have ordered, and those you still need to order.

You can easily pull up information about any and all the products you have or sold. You can add images, add notes, and customize it. You can also categorize the products according to their build, vendor, or anyway you like.

How can Stackby’s Product Catalog Template help you?

  • You can keep every kind of information about every product listed on different columns such as product name, picture, price, vendor, client, date, etc., in one place. The template can also be customized according to your requirements; use the filter accordingly to access the information you require.
  • Keep up with all the information regarding your products – availability, vendor availability, if you need to put in any order, etc. The ease of accessibility you gain after having all the information about all your products in one place will ultimately increase your productivity.
  • You can also add product details, images, and anything you need. The template is completely customizable; you can add all the information you want and categorize it in any way you’d like.
  • View it in a Gallery and share with your customers or embed it on your website, and let your clients stay up-to date with your products, in real-time. 

Stackby’s Product Catalog template can easily be your time-saver and the most treasured possession for your business. Use it for free today and create your custom product catalog. 

Restaurant Marketing Calendar Template

Use this stack

Restaurants need a boost in their content promotion now and then to promote their new products and attract new customers. Stackby’s Restaurant Marketing Calendar Template assists the business in garnering public attention to the maximum so that the restaurant’s products and services are recognized.

How is the Stackby’s Restaurant Marketing Calendar Template useful for your business? 

  • This Stackby Template is the easiest way to organize the marketing means planned by the business. It allows users to plan their content, saving time and money that would otherwise be used in inefficient advertising.
  • The Restaurant Marketing Calendar Template helps you keep track of all the posts and updates made by the business to ensure maximum customer engagement with the posts.
  • The template allows the business to record where its content is being posted and its constituents.
  • The links and directly accessible images make it easier for the business to navigate its growth.
  • The Restaurant Marketing Calendar template is easily editable, allowing related content to be placed side by side for tracking and comparisons.

Who will find this template useful?

Restaurants looking to expand their outreach and promote their products are likely to find this template extremely useful. It can also be utilized by hospitality businesses to grow their customers.