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Grant Proposal Management Template

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Grant Proposal Management Template
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How stackby's Grant Proposal Management Template help ?

Managing grant proposals is an important task for a company. The grants that support your company’s projects form the backbone of your organization.

Under grant management, it is your responsibility to ensure that every term of the grant is followed and adhered to within the requisite time frame and the allocated budget. Your project’s success and, in turn, your company depends on your ability to manage and follow a grant proposal. Starting from grant design and project development to effective tracking and monitoring, the process has multiple stages that are integrated.

However, the task in question can often be quite tedious and time-taking. It requires continuous coordination of all the key stakeholders and multiple departments of your company. A Grant Proposal Management Template can well be the answer to your troubles. 

Finding it difficult to manage multiple grant proposals and projects? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you! You can use Stackby’s user-friendly Grant Proposal Template.

Using this Grant Proposal Template, you will now be able to:

  • Track all the grant proposals for your company from start to finish on a single platform. Your team will not have to maintain multiple spreadsheets for tracking your proposals.
  • Use the template’s Proposal Grid to monitor every stage of the grant proposal. You can also add notes and descriptions to help your team understand each aspect of the proposal.
  • Attach all relevant files related to the grant proposal to the grant proposal template itself. This will allow your team to access all the documents easily.
  • Track the proposal’s status by choosing an option from the drop-down menu (Planning/ Ongoing/ Completed).
  • You can monitor your grant budget using this template. This includes the budget allotted for salaries, benefits, materials and supplies, equipment, meetings, consultants, third party grant management, etc. You can divide the budget according to the particular year and track the status of the same.
  • Set up a project timeline. This will allow your team to monitor the progress of the same.
  • Track the start date and the end date of every task under the project timeline. This will give you the total number of days spent on a particular task.
  • Monitor the current status of each task. 
  • Use the Teams tab to record all the relevant details about your team members. This includes their qualifications and years of experience. You can also add their contact details to allow seamless communication and information flow.
  • Add the role of each member of the team.

You can monitor and update the details related to the grant proposal as and when required easily. With our grant proposal template, managing everything will be a walk in the park. Copy the stack and start using it today! 

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