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Legal Matter Management Template

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Legal Matter Management Template
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Stackby’s legal matter management template is designed to track and monitor legal matter portfolios. It provides real-time data and views so you can monitor and track all your legal matters throughout their lifecycle. With this template, all your legal team members will have immediate access to all the legal matters and their corresponding clients. 

What is Legal Matter Management? 

They say that the law is a team sport. Every legal matter requires different stakeholders within the legal department as well as external to the organization. This is why legal matters need to be managed with attention and diligence. Legal matter management or matter management involves the various activities that surround a corporate legal practice. For example, litigation, contracts, transactions, claims, legal research, etc. It is unlike case management, which refers to the activities specific to a law firm. 

Different aspects of legal matter management :

  1. Documents: Every legal matter involves a certain set of documents like contracts, licenses, emails, letters, etc. 
  2. Knowledge: The legal teams must have the knowledge of every case at their fingertips and this can only be possible with quick access to the legal matters.
  3. Collaboration: The legal teams must work in collaboration on different legal matters. 
  4. Workflow: Most legal matters involve a series of steps and stages depending on the circumstances of the matter. 
  5. Spendings: A legal matter might involve a budget when a third-party council is allowed. 
  6. Reporting: It is not only important to have quick access to all the legal matter information, but that information must be easily reportable. 

Why should you use Stackby’s Legal Matter Management Template? 

Legal teams across the globe are looking for a centralized, automated, and streamlined approach to manage their data. Our legal matter management template eliminates many barriers for legal teams through the following ways: 

  • Providing an efficient system for managing the outside counsel
  • Improving the user productivity by easy integration with other applications 
  • Reducing the time spent in storing and organizing legal documents 
  • Automated notifications for any changes made in the system
  • Enhancing collaboration in real-time across the team
  • Providing safe and secure means of document handling

Who can use Stackby’s Legal Matter Management Template?

This template is for legal teams, legal service providers, law firms, legal case managers, legal operations managers, administrative staff, etc. 

How will Stackby’s Legal Matter Management Template Help you? 

This template includes different tables to store and organize your data for clients, documentation, and billings. We have also included specific views that will help you visualize your legal matter data in a better way. Here’s what you can do by using this template:

  • Keep a track of all the legal matters being handled by you/ your team
  • Add descriptions for every legal matter you are handling 
  • Specify the type of legal matter being handled (Civil, Property, Estate Administration, Criminal, etc)
  • Track the open and close dates of the legal matters
  • Tack the total number of hours on each legal matter 
  • Keep a record of the clients associated with each legal matter (Name, Address, Photo, Email, Phone Number, Billings, Paid Bills, Unpaid Bills, etc)
  • Manage different types of documents (Legal documents, Letters, Billings, Drafts, etc)
  • Track the creating and receiving dates of the documents 
  • Keep a track of invoices of every client 
  • Track the status of invoices (Paid, Not Paid)
  • Add clients details using an intake form 
  • Keep a track of all the details related to every client (Personal Details, Matter Reason, Work Details, Spouse Details, etc)

Streamline different components of your legal matter management with Stackby’s easy-to-use, pre-built template.

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