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NPS Survey Template

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As customer feedback is important for a company to know how the customers like its product, it is also important to know how your customers perceive it. An NPS survey is done to know exactly this.

NPS score gives you an idea about the customer experience and tells you how liked your company or product is among people. But keeping track of so much customer feedback and their reviews can prove to be very overwhelming.

An NPS survey tracker template will ease down your work by keeping track of all the respondents and their feedback at the same place and making it easy for you to manage them all.

Why do we need an NPS Survey Template?

NPS stands for Net promoter Score. It is a metric used in the customer experience programs.

Many companies use NPS to know how their customers perceive them. An NPS survey is done by asking just a single question; ‘’How likely are you going to recommend our product/company/brand to someone else?‘’

The customers give their answers by giving ratings from 0 to 10 and, according to their response, fall into one of these three categories:

  1. Promoters: These provide a rating of 9-10 and are typically loyal customers who tend to promote the brand by word of mouth.
  2. Passives: They respond with a rating of 7-8 and are satisfied customers, but they are not satisfied enough to be considered promoters.
  3. Detractors: These are the people who give ratings from 0-6 and are unhappy with the company’s product or services. These customers are likely to discourage others from buying from your company.

An NPS survey template will allow you to do surveys and keep track of all the respondents and the percentage of each respondent’s category to calculate the score. You will have the benefit of easy customer experience management.

How can Stackby’s NPS Survey Template help you?

Stackby’s NPS survey template will allow you easy handling of the data about the customer’s feedback and manage them all with ease. You can survey with the template and then get the response recorded in the template only.

You can categorize the data the way you want and then customize it according to your likings. Add in another question if you like in another column.

Use this survey template for the best customer experience management and manage data categorically such as NPS survey, scores received customer category, and NPS score and manage them all in one place. It is free to use and simple to understand and operate.

You can make an account on Stackby or use an existing one. Know your NPS score without working too hard on analyzing the responses separately.