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Product Catalog Template

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Product Catalog Template
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Every online, B2C, retail, or e-commerce business must ensure that its products are accessible online, trusted, and convert well. This is possible with an effective product catalog. If your products are not described well, it will be hard to find potential customers. Stackby’s product catalog template is a streamlined way to organize your product catalog management and track what’s working for you and what’s not. 

What is Product Catalog Management?

Product catalog management is the process of managing your product catalog so that all your marketing and sales channels contain high-quality product data. It includes how you organize, standardize, and publish your product across each sales channel.

Why do you need a Product Catalog?

Memorizing information about every product’s features is a difficult task. Making a product catalog and scribbling all the information related to the product helps the sellers and the customers make a purchasing decision.

A product catalog template can help you keep track of all your products and the related information. You can use it to have easy access to all the products you have, the ones you have ordered, and those you still need to order.

You can easily pull up information about any and all the products you have or sold. You can add images, add notes, and customize it. You can also use a product catalog template to categorize the products according to their build, vendor, or any way you like.

Challenges Businesses face in Product Catalog Management and Tracking

1. Involvement of team and stakeholders

It often becomes difficult for sales and marketing teams and other stakeholders to collaborate and ensure a smooth product catalog management process. This might lead to serious consequences such as differences in the units of measurement etc. 

2. High-quality description & imagery

Since there is no streamlined process, it often becomes difficult for businesses to create simplified, easy-to-understand product descriptions and add the right images/files to depict it. They need to consider the customers’ perspectives here. 

3. Scope of growth

When you are not tracking your product catalog efficiently, it often becomes tough to analyze the gaps in your efforts. This problem multiplies when you are trying to expand your catalog. Stackby’s Product Roadmap template can also be of good use here. 

4. Finding the right catalog management tool

Many businesses suffer because they are unable to find the right platform where their team can connect and collaborate to work upon the product catalogs, and share it with the right people (clients, vendors etc.) 

Stackby’s product catalog template helps overcome all the challenges that businesses often face while creating and managing product catalogs. 

How to Fix your Product Catalog Management?

1. Organize the descriptions 

If your product attributes are messy, it will become much more difficult to intrigue customers. So, first, you need to ensure that all your team and stakeholders are on the same page. If you are building your own product, check out our Product Launch template.  

2. Manage your product data 

Make sure all your product data, descriptions, and other related information is organized if you want to expand your product line and business. This way you will be able to identify which strategies have worked in the past. 

3. Specify roles and authorization flows 

Make sure your team members know their exact roles and responsibilities when changing the product catalog database. This way you can ensure data quality and minimum redundancy. 

Who can use Stackby’s Product Catalog Template?

Stackby’s Product Catalog template can be used by e-commerce or online business owners, retailers, traders, suppliers, product managers, sales and marketing teams, or anyone who manages the creation and management of product catalogs for a business. 

How is Stackby's Product Catalog Template Helpful for You?

Our product catalog template can streamline how your team works. It can help you keep track of all your products, their description, features, benefits, price, and more. With this template, you can do the following:

  • Keep a track of all your products, their types, and images.
  • Keep a record of price, color, and size for every product. 
  • Track the inventory for each product such as the number of items available, whether a product is in stock or not. 
  • Add and manage the description of the products.
  • Record the total sale of every product and the number of items sold. 
  • Monitor the clients and dealers for every product 
  • Add and track client details like the order number, order ID, billing address, phone number, product bought, etc. 
  • Track every order detail such as order ID, order date, item name, status, invoice, bill number, price per unit, quantity, total cost, client name, etc. 
  • Track and monitor the dealer details such as name, address, rating, phone number, year established, email, products, price, quantity, invoice, etc. 

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