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Project Portfolio Management Template

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Project Portfolio Management Template
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What is a project portfolio?

Any successful project requires continuous effort, supervision and check-ins for it to be successful. Efforts could range from making a plan to checking in at every point to make sure things are going as they should be.

When a company has many projects or programs going on, it collects those projects in one place for analysis. This collection and management of multiple projects is known as making a project portfolio.

What is project portfolio management?

Project portfolio management is a continual management strategy which helps in evaluating all the potential projects followed by organizing them on priority.

However, the bigger the portfolio, the greater the number of details. More details entail more data. More data entails more spreadsheets.

What is the solution? A Project portfolio management template

  • A project portfolio management template can help you organize and keep track of each project or program and be in control of your company’s project portfolio.
  • Why do you need a project portfolio management template? There are multiple reasons to maintain one for your company.
  • Using a project portfolio management template has many benefits for an organization, like:
  • It helps in the organization’s right project selection, which brings in maximum value and takes the organization a step ahead to the desired goal.
  • It gives a clear and better view of the big picture. The possibility that the organization will be unfocused on a specific project due to any circumstances is reduced.
  • It enables the managers and other employees to be more goal-driven and keep working hard to succeed in the project they are associated with.
  • It encourages the managers to create a more collaborative environment so that the personnel assigned with the tasks do the project as a collaborative effort and not a competition.
  • With a project portfolio template, the resources are well organized and can be used in a way that the result is achieved with as little cost as possible.
  • The decision-making process gets more informed with all the data analysis, and the selection of the project becomes easier.
  • The project portfolio management template helps the managers control and keep track of all the projects and the related activities.

How can Stackby’s Project Portfolio Management Template help you?

Analyzing and keeping track of all the projects and programs can take a toll on anyone. A project portfolio management template will help you keep updated and to stay on track always. Use this template to analyze and manage a group of current or proposed projects based on various key characteristics.

You can categorize the projects and their tasks along with the completion status and the teams involved. You will never lose your focus and will always be informed about the ongoing or already completed activities and the latest updates.

You can use the Project Portfolio Management template by copying or entering the required data the way you want. It can also be accessed anywhere, any time by your team and be updated in real-time.

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