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Sales Asset Management Template

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Sales Asset Management Template
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Starting from the product development team to the customer service team, every team of your company contributes in one way or the other to the success of the product. Somewhere in the middle of this workflow process is the sales team which has the most crucial job of all!

You can design the best product in the market and employ the most effective marketing strategies. However, none of it will amount to anything if your sales team cannot manage its assets and function efficiently! That’s why every company needs a Sales Asset Management Template.

What is Sales Asset Management?

Sales asset management is the process and strategy employed by a company to manage its multiple sales assets. This includes internal reference materials, presentation decks, whitepapers, demos, and landing pages.

An effective sales asset management plan will enhance the efficiency and productivity of your sales processes. It will enable your sales team to get access to the right content at precisely the right time. Asset management also makes sure that all your content is up-to-date and relevant to the current sales strategy.

However, the process of sales asset management can often be quite chaotic.

Having trouble tracking and updating all your sales stacks and whitepapers? We have a solution. Solve all your asset management problems with our custom-made Sales Asset Management Template!

Enable your sales team to save a ton of time by giving them access to our asset management template. From sales decks to demos and landing pages, your sales team can now store and update every asset with the click of a single button.

Using our Asset Management Template, you can now:

  • Track all your sales assets on one platform.
  • Get instant access to the sales asset details whenever needed.
  • Record the name of each sales asset (Deck/ Whitepaper/ Demo/ Landing Page).
  • Record the category each asset belongs to (Video/ Printed Brochure/ Document/ Link/ etc.).
  • Add attachments related to each asset, if any.
  • Store the website link of the asset, if any.
  • Add an industry category to each asset (Film Production/ Fashion/ HR and Recruitment/ Event Management/ etc.).
  • Record the plan for each asset.
  • Add the market targeted by each asset (Asian/ American/ European/ African/ Australian/ etc.).
  • Record the date each asset was created on.
  • Record the date when the same asset was last updated.
  • Store the usage policy and current status of each asset.
  • Record the name of the asset creator/ owner.
  • Update the details as and when required.

With Stackby’s Sales Asset Management Template, you can now simplify the work of your sales team instantly! Copy the stack and start using it today to boost your sales performance!

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