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Student Attendance Sheet Template

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Student Attendance Sheet Template
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Student attendance sheet template helps you manage all the attendances of a student. Teachers and professors can easily and accurately keep tabs of the time a student spends in a class.

Why do you need a Student Attendance Template?

Student Attendance templates enable teachers and professors to focus on student needs instead of spending time on managing attendance records. Also, since the process would be automated using the template, the chances of error would significantly decrease, making it more accurate than ever. Since education is moving to the online mode nowadays, the student attendance template is more relevant now than ever.

Who is student attendance template for?

Due to the current pandemic situation, the Student Attendance template has widespread use for all schools, colleges, and universities.

How will Stackby’s Student Attendance Template help you?

Our Student Attendance template was designed to accommodate the varying needs of schools and universities and comes with a host of customization options. The highlights of the template are as follows:

  • The first column has all the dates where the attendance will be marked.
  • In the next column, you can add notes specific to any particular student. 
  • Add any attachments that a student has sent; for instance, if a student was unable to attend a particular day because he was ill and has submitted a medical certificate, this could be attached in the attachment section so that it would be easier to keep track.
  • The contact number of either the student or their parents could be added in the contacts column if they needed to be contacted; having the number here would save time and effort for the professor.
  • Our template also has a separate you can find information like each student's name, ID picture, contact number, total attendance, and attendance calculated in percentage.  

Save time and use it to help your students grow with the Student Attendance Template.

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