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Book tracker Template

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Book tracker Template
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If you’ve ever felt the annoyance of losing the page number or forgetting the title of a book you desperately want to read, then it is all the reason why a book tracker is necessary. Stackby is here to solve these problems with the Stackby Book Tracker Template. 

Why is a book tracker necessary?

A book tracker arranges your books in the form of a 'bookshelf.' This enables you to note the quotes and lines from your current reads easily and even save them for reference later. Stackby organizes your reading in a simplistic yet orderly manner. 

How is the Stackby Book Tracker Template Helpful to you?

  • The book tracker template has several built-in features that improve your reading experience by thoroughly organizing your reading data according to your preference.
  • The options of arranging according to the book title, author, genre, and even the reading progress enable you to save time that can further be allotted for reading.
  • Organized research is made possible with the serial tracker that helps you mark your reading progress and extract notes as and when required. 
  • The practical library management utility enables you to find what you're looking for without much trouble quickly.
  • Track your favorite authors along with the genre of your interest, which is serially organized according to the count.
  • The cover image feature saves you the trouble of numerous google searches as you can now find your book even if you forget its title or author.
  • You can also generate reports according to your requirements with accurate data representation of your reads, including the number of books, their reading status, progress, and many more. 

Who will find the book tracker template useful?

Editorial firms, research institutions as well as open libraries may find this extremely practical. It also proves to be useful for publishing firms owing personalized libraries.

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