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Medical Chart Template

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Medical Chart Template
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How Stackby's Medical Chart Template help you ?

Whether you run a hospital, a nursing home, or a clinic, the essential records you maintain are your patient’s records. Without well-maintained and updated records of patient details, the entire hospital could come to a standstill.

Medical records and charts provide a wide range of details starting from patient conditions, surgeries needed, doctors assigned, medications available, insurance reports , so on. 

They are essential for the continuity of care of your patients. On the other hand, they are vital for hospitals as well for defending any complaints or claims of medical negligence.

Records of patient and physician information empower hospitals to treat their patients to the best of their ability. They need to be adequately maintained and regularly updated for the smooth functioning of healthcare centers. This is where Stackby’s Medical Chart Template comes in. 

Digital records reduce the possibility of errors and are preferred over manual records.

To help you run your hospital or clinic, Stackby has developed a state-of-the-art Medical Chart Template . Using this template, you can keep meticulous records of all relevant information, including details of patient's conditions, surgeries scheduled, availability of medications and doctors, insurance companies, and so on.

How you can use Stackby’s Medical Chart Template to streamline your work

  • Keep detailed records of all your patients, along with their contact details.
  • Attach a photo of each patient to the template and record the date of birth.
  • Record their blood group and details of the medications that they are currently on.
  • Monitor the conditions suffered by each patient and the surgeries that they have to undergo for treatment. You can also store the physician's details assigned to each patient and monitor the date of their last check-up.
  • Store the name of a patient’s emergency contact person and the corresponding phone number.
  • Attach each patient's report to the template itself to facilitate easier access among your doctors and physicians.
  • Under the Conditions section of the template, you can record the specialist's details for each medical condition.
  • Hospitals need to monitor their medicine supply continuously. Using this template, you can track each medication's availability status (Sufficient/ Short/ Extra/ Not Available). Store the stock manager's details for a particular medication and attach the stock report to the template, if necessary.
  • Monitor all your physicians (Out of Town/ In Town/ On Leave). You can also store their contact details.
  • Keep detailed records of the insurance companies and the patients insured by each one.

With Stackby’s elaborate Medical Chart Template, you won’t have to maintain multiple databases for your hospital! You can record, monitor, and update all the details using a single interface.

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