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Grant Tracker Template

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Grant Tracker Template
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Managing and keeping tracks of grant requests, proposals and funds raised via grants is a fundamental part of any non-profit organization . They form the majority of the finances used by a non-profit organization, and they often require multiple rounds of requests and fundraising to acquire the desired amount.

Why use a grant tracker template?

The problem lies in managing not just the funds, but the myriad efforts that go into raising them, and measuring their results. Grants have to be meticulously recorded to prevent fraud, misappropriation, or calculation mistakes. A tool that could record information, keep track of grants, important dates and amounts, and present the data as visual reports is key to well-managed finances in a non-profit organization.

That is exactly why you need Stackby’s Grant Tracker. With this template you can:

  • Easily track grant proposals, requests, organizations as well as fund amount
  • Track activity due dates and deadlines in a jiffy
  • Manage each parameter on different tables, but bring them on all onto a single table with our link and look up feature
  • Visualise data the way you want and customize based on your individual requirements.
  • Keep track of status of all applications and activities associated with it
  • Get organized in your team for better collaboration and getting things done.

The Grant Tracker Template is easy to use and adopt as well making it the go-to tool for managing grants for your non-profits.

Who can use grant tracker template?

This template is for anyone involved in the non-profit world from administrators to managers in small non-profits or even in large organizations.

While, all individuals involved in a non-profit are passionate about the cause, but not too passionate about going through the grant application filings. This template will help you save some headache involved in your funding process.

3 tips of using Non-profit Grant Tracker Template

  1. Customize template to fit your organization's needs: Everything in this template is entirely customizable - from fields to tables and linkages between them. Just add the template on your workspace and add/update columns relevant to your needs.
  2. Filter information, link tables and create views: Create filtered views on your grants data (let's say Pending applications) and then share those views with anyone in your team. You can also link across tables - say grant information to contacts at organizations for better tracking and people management - so when a deadline comes, you know who to call or email.
  3. Create grant tracking dashboards for better overview and reporting: Once the tracker is created, add summary bars, charts and pivot tables in the dashboard for better reporting and keeping everyone on the same page.

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