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Product Order Form Template

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Product Order Form Template
Use Template

Manage products, generate enquiries and orders directly from this configurable Product Order Form template. 

Steps to use this Product Order Form template:

Step 1: Add your product details in the Product table (Details, Price, Images etc.) and create a gallery view for the product (to share with your clients)  

Step 2: Create an inquiry form using Stackby forms in the Inquiries table. 

Step 3: Create two buttons - Inquire Now (linked to the inquiry form) and Buy now (linked button using your payment gateway provider hosted invoice link for that item) in the Products table. 

Step 4: Bring orders automatically from your payment provider via Zapier (or or similar) in the orders table, which are linked to your products. 

.. and that's it! 

Keep adding your products, and build an automated inquiry and order management system along with it with this Product Order Form Template. Sign up and try it for free.

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