5 Marketing Campaign Templates to keep your Marketing Teams on track

Every online business today needs to manage and measure its marketing campaigns. These 5 readymade marketing campaign templates will help you get started!

5 Marketing Campaign Templates to keep your Marketing Teams on track

A marketing campaign template can help automate your marketing process. It makes it easier to prioritize and execute the tasks in a more streamlined and efficient manner. About 51% of companies are already using marketing automation in some way. It is time that you also join the bandwagon and reach your goals faster.

Marketing teams are at the forefront of every organization. They work day and night to build the brand image, promote products, handle customer queries, and whatnot. Amidst all these multitudinous tasks, there is no one way to get everything done.

Therefore, we created several marketing campaign templates to help you automate the different phases of the marketing process. Every online business today runs various marketing campaigns to promote different goals of the business and utilize email, online ads, pay-per-click, print advertising, social media, and more. Our marketing campaign templates make it easier for marketers to design, plan, execute and gauge every marketing effort in detail.

Let us see our top 5 marketing campaign templates that help in keeping your marketing teams on track.

  1. Marketing Campaign Tracker
  2. Marketing Calendar
  3. Google Ads Campaign Tracker
  4. Facebook Ads Campaign Tracker
  5. Marketing KPI Tracker with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Top 5 Marketing Campaign Templates in 2024

1. Marketing Campaign Tracker

Marketing Campaign Tracker Template 

Want to attract more customers, increase sales, or simply promote your brand? No matter what your goal is, you can now streamline and automate your marketing strategies using a marketing campaign tracker template.

With this template, you can:

  • Track the status of every marketing campaign
  • Monitor the budget and spending
  • Track the number of clicks, conversions, and conversion rates
  • Store assets for every campaign in one place
  • Track total campaigns running for every channel
  • Track the start and end dates of every campaign

Who can use this template?

Stackby’s marketing campaign tracker template is built for marketing teams, marketing managers, market research experts, copywriters, content managers, social media managers, and SEO agencies.

What are the important benefits of using this template?

  • Find more about your audience: This template helps you understand every expectation of your audience based on their constantly changing interests and preferences.
  • What connects with your audience: This template helps you understand what helps you connect better with your audience. For instance, is it a certain type of content linke videos or infographics?
  • Improve conversion rates: You can track the effect of every small change that you do in your marketing strategy using a marketing campaign tracker.
  • Increase your ROI or Return on Investment: A good marketing campaign tracking system can help you increase your return on investment (ROI).Tracking ad campaigns helps you understand how your ads affect the cost.

And, much more! You can even switch to Kanban view or Calendar view for better visualization of your marketing campaigns using our marketing campaign tracker.

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2. Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar Template

Are you using a marketing content calendar yet? If not then our marketing calendar template will help you in keeping a track of every facet of content marketing. A content calendar can help you see the big picture, follow a stringent publishing schedule, and track your performance from time to time.

Here’s what you can do with our marketing calendar template:

  • Monitor different content marketing campaigns, their status, leads, content creators, assets, and budgets
  • Track the important metrics for every content marketing campaign like CPC, spendings, impressions, CPM, clicks, and success rates
  • Track the due date and status for every content whether it is in progress, published or on hold, etc
  • Store the URLs, front headlines, sub-headlines, and image attachments for every content piece

It does not matter how many resources you have in hand. A marketing calendar can help you create content without compromising its quality.

Who can use this template?

Stackby’s marketing content calendar template is for content managers, content marketers, content writers, editors, business owners, publishers, social media specialists, outreach specialists, and more.

What are the important benefits of this template?

  • Solidify deadlines and expectations: Drive your marketing plan smoothly by ensuring that you have assigned enough work to all the team members and are generating enough content. It also helps you identify overlapping deadlines and cut through the chaos.
  • Track real-time status: The content calendar helps you identify the progress of your content generation efforts. You can easily find out the pain points and improve your content creation process.
  • See the big picture: With this template, you can manage your content marketing KPIs, making it much easier for you to gauge your marketing efforts quantitatively.
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3. Google Ads Campaign Tracker

Google Ads Campaign Tracker Template

A tool to help you keep track of all your Google ads and metrics in one place, the Google Ads Campaign tracker is the ultimate marketing automation solution for you. The main feature of this template is that it comes with Google AdWords API that allows you to import the data directly to the template and update it automatically as and when required.

This template allows you to:

  • Track every Google Ad using by bringing View ID from Google Analytics
  • Track the important metrics of every ad campaign such as spending, impressions, number of clicks, cost per click, conversion rate, CTR, CPM, etc.
  • Bring all your important marketing KPIs in one place and track your campaign ROI
  • Schedule and automate your data fetch from Google AdWords API
  • Share the Ads Campaign Reporting tool with your team or your clients

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Who is this template for?

Stackby’s Google Ads Campaign Tracker template can be used by copywriters, brand managers, marketing teams, product managers, and more.

What are the important benefits of this template?

  • Plan ad campaigns: This template helps you keep a record of all the ad campaigns run by your company. You can track every ad campaign parallelly.
  • Automate PPC Reporting: This template makes it easier for you to track the important metrics for Google ads including CPC, CTR, CPM, Ad Cost, Ad Clicks and so on.
  • Understand your website’s performance: With goal conversion tracking, you can understand how your website is performing. You can identify what is working for you and what is not.
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4. Facebook Ads Campaign Tracker

Facebook Ads Campaign Tracker Template

Facebook is no doubt one of the most widely used social media platforms these days. So, if you are planning to run a Facebook ad campaign, Stackby is here to help you manage every little detail.

Here’s what you can do with our Facebook Ads Campaign Tracker template:

  • Integrate Facebook Ads API with Stackby
  • Manage all your ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one place
  • Automatically pull in required metrics like number of clicks, impressions, spendings, CPC, CPM, CTR, frequency, etc for every single campaign, ad set or ad
  • Also, bring Facebook Lead Ads data to your Stack
  • Work together with your team to improve the quality of Facebook ads

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Who is this template for?

Stackby’s Facebook Ads Campaign Tracker is for business managers, marketing teams, SEO specialists, social media managers, and more.

What are the important benefits of this template?

  • Customize your ad campaigns: You can use this template based on your convenience and business requirements.
  • Track ROI for every campaign: Facebook Ads Reporting template allows you to add leads and track the ROI for the campaigns.
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5. Marketing KPI Tracker with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Marketing KPI Tracker Template 

Your marketing efforts make no sense if you are not tracking the right KPIs. With Stackby’s Marketing KPI Tracker, you can structure your data, set your marketing goals, and automate data collection in no time. Here’s how:

  • You can bring data related to Google Analytics and track important metrics like new users, the total number of users, number of hits, bounce rate, goal conversion rate, revenue, etc.
  • You can bring data related to Google Search Console and track essential metrics like SEO impressions, SEO percent CTR, SEO keyword positions, SEO clicks, etc
  • Set up automation to bring all the data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you do not have to manually refresh the data.

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Who is this template for?

Stackby’s Marketing KPI tracker template is useful for marketing teams, marketing agencies, SEO specialists, SEO managers, business managers, product managers, and more.

What are the important benefits of this template?

  • Where you are going: Tracking marketing KPIs helps you understand whether you are meeting your business goals and objectives or not.
  • How to reach goals: Tracking marketing KPIs helps you understand how you need to reach those goals and objectives.
  • Measure your efforts: Tracking important metrics helps you understand whether your results are effective or not.
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Start managing & automating your marketing campaign tracking today!

It becomes a lot easier to gauge your marketing efforts if you are tracking them right. Stackby gives you a flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful platform to streamline all your marketing efforts and bring your whole team to collaborate in one place. So without any further ado copy the templates in your Stackby workspace, start using our pre-built marketing campaign templates right away, and achieve the highest level of productivity. Sign up with Stackby for free to get started!