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Real Estate Transaction Tracker Template

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Real estate agents use the real estate transaction tracker spreadsheet template to manage and keep track of their entire real estate business. Keep their client database up to date and manage their entire inventory pipeline systems, including their buyers, sellers and houses listed.

What is a Real Estate Transaction Tracker?

Real estate agents use a Real Estate Transaction Tracker spreadsheet to manage their entire inventory system and keep track of their listings and availability in the markets. The real estate transaction tracker is a free template that can be used as a management system for real estate businesses, too, easily, in a glance, have their entire business viewable.

Almost all real estate agents use the real estate transaction tracker to keep their entire business organized and automate processes that don't require the human element to save time and spend that time saved in their business, helping them make more money.

Why do you need a Real Estate Transaction Tracker Spreadsheet?

To keep all real estate transactions account, real estate managers often use these spreadsheets as they are easy to use, provide an incredibly detailed overview about their business and also provide the latest and updated information about their inventory and the market.

This helps them have a competitive advantage over others and are thus able to run their business and make profits successfully. This tracker avoids unnecessary paperwork and helps real estate agents save a lot of time and hassle.

In the real estate business, it is essential to have the most up to date information about the market and their inventory; having this online tracker would enable these real estate agents to be prepared and on top of their game when running their business successfully.

Who is this template for?

All real estate agencies should start adopting the Real Estate Transaction Tracker Spreadsheet. This is one of the most important tools they should possess to track their inventory and business.

How will Stackby’s Real Estate Transactions Tracker help you?

  • Our real estate transaction tracker has everything a real estate agent would need to manage their resources, inventory, and business efficiently.
  • To start, we have different tabs that provide you the option to view your company's overview from different perspectives, such as properties, states, stakeholders, and transactions, providing you complete freedom on the template and how you'd like to view the information.
  • All these different windows have different columns that provide very in-depth information about each listing, each property. Information such as the properties photos, the buyer information, property value, selling price, broker information, broker's cost, etc.
  • All of this information and complete freedom to edit the columns based on your preferences and use.
  • Also, the ability to filter through all this information to find the information you specifically require, allowing you to make more, better, well-informed decisions.  

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