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Construction Project Management Template

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Whether you are starting a new business, expanding, or doing some renovations on the existing one, there are usually a lot of things going on at once. You might be a construction company, or a construction manager with n number of projects going on at once.

Multiple construction projects and maintenance projects at one time may become a difficult task to track and to manage them all at once.

A Construction Project Management Template will save you from the tiring efforts of managing and tracking all your projects separately.

Why do we need a Construction Project management Template?

Construction project management is a process in which some specialized project management techniques are used to oversee the construction phases from beginning to end.

There are 5 phases of construction:

  1. Initiation: When the idea is generated, and plans are made to do construction or renovation.
  2. Planning: Now, the plan is made, and the teams are informed. All the resources which are required are laid out, and the budget is prepared.
  3. Implementation: Now, the plan is executed, and the said budget is followed.
  4. Performance monitoring: After successfully implementing the project, the performance is analyzed and monitored for future use.
  5. Closing: If the project meets the set standards, then it is approved, or else changes are made if possible.

Now, there can be several construction or renovation projects going on internally or externally in an organization. Some may be in the initiation phase or the completion phase. To keep track of them can prove to be a bit overwhelming.

A construction project planning template can save you from a pile of documents where every piece of information about the projects is kept. Be updated about each project and track their status with ease at a single platform.

How can Stackby’s Construction Project Management Template help you?

With this template from Stackby, you can track and manage every task, phase, and resources at a single platform. Be up to date with the project’s progress or projects, budget, along with the resources and the people in charge of each project.

You can add information such as task name, category, status, assigned to, start and end date, completion percentage, the budget required, phases, and assets. Feel free to add on some extra columns.

It is remarkably simple to use and customize. Just work with your team and manage your short or long-term construction projects with ease, and build the best that's out there.