Top 15 Notion Alternatives in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Using Notion to manage your docs and wikis? Here are 15 Notion alternatives you can consider to manage your data & workflows.

Top 15 Notion Alternatives in 2024 [Free & Paid]

This article will give you a succinct roundup of the alternatives to Notion in the market today, stating their pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your business.

But before we dive in, what exactly does Notion do?

What is Notion?

Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web app created by Notion Labs Inc that includes various organizational tools such as task management, project tracking, to-do lists, and bookmarking.

manage tasks, to-do lists, projects and more with notion
What is notion?

5 Best Features of Notion

Here are five key features that make Notion a sought-after app for many businesses:

Impressive Note Taking

Marketed as a comprehensive note-taking app, Notion has a ‘blank-slate’ aesthetic that allows for endlessly customizable note taking.

Project management

Notion also works as a project management tool to set up tasks, monitor processes, and more, all on a convenient kanban board.

Database functionality

You can create table databases in Notion using blocks, and perform many of the functions of a table in Excel or other spreadsheet tools.

Useful Templates

Notion can set up templates for different types of notes, that help you easily replicate and create new pages when needed.


You can streamline your workflows in existing tools by integrating with Notion, which supports integration with a multitude of workplace tools like Sheets, Google Drive, Forms, etc.

Top 15 Notion Alternatives in 2024

It’s time to explore its competitors to get a good idea of what each offers and lacks in comparison. Here are the top 15 Notion alternatives:


A nocode spreadsheet style database with built-in API integration
Stackby - Notion alternative

Stackby is a single platform that offers multiple capabilities, including note taking directly in your tables, project management, spreadsheets, databases, collaboration, and more.

Project Management Capabilities

Unlike Notion, Stackby offers much more than just note taking. It provides a comprehensive project management solution with features like:

  • Customizable & structured spreadsheet style UI with 25+ unique column types
  • Powerful relational database features with linking across tables, lookup, rollup & more.
  • Custom views - Tables, Kanban, Calendar, Forms and more.
  • Creating unique dashboards with apps like Charts, Pivot Table, Summary Boxes, Time Tracker and more with Stackby Apps Marketplace.
  • Automated notifications, checklists, time tracking, reminders, chats, and more.
  • Resource management
  • Strong integration ecosystem - with over 3000+ integrations across various services via Zapier, Pabbly Connect & more.


  • Goes beyond simple note taking and elevates the project management experience
  • Intuitive UI
  • App available on desktop and mobile
  • Time tracking support
  • Powerful integrations and Power-ups with Forms, Google Drive, Excel, and more
  • Custom reporting dashboards with Apps Marketplace.
  • Highly customizable views and templates


The free forever plan includes unlimited members and stacks. The personal plan starts at $5/user/month, Economy at $9/user/month and Business at $18/user/month. They also have limited time annual plans that starts at $129/year for 3 users.

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2. EverNote

note taking tool to manage projects and tasks
Evernote - Notion alternative

EverNote is a well-known note taking app that has been around for a while.


  • An intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Cross-platform sync across desktop and mobile apps
  • Offline note making
  • Rich text, text-to-speech, and keyboard support


  • Free version is limited
  • No unlimited storage for notes
  • Not well suited for project management


The free plan allows up to 60MB of uploads per month, and paid plans start at $8.88/user/month.

3. Google Keep

create notes and to-do lists with Google Keep
Google keep - Notion alternative

This is a popular, simple note taking and to-do list creation app.


  • Familiar, simple user interface
  • Sets location and time-based reminders
  • Syncs across all Google devices
  • Allows for plain text and code snippets


  • Limited use for project management
  • No customizable themes
  • No desktop app


Completely free.

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4. Coda

combines documents, spreadsheets, and building tools into a single platform with Coda
Code - Notion alternative

Coda helps you manage all documents related to a project on one platform.


  • Impressive word processing, database, and spreadsheet functionalities
  • Many templates and customizable views
  • Automations and flexibility
  • Easy integrations with apps


  • Limited number of pages and tables in the free version
  • No dedicated desktop app
  • Much more pricey than Notion


Free plan with limited size and collaboration. Paid plans start at $10/user/month.

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5. ClickUp

Manage tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more in one place with ClickUp
ClickUp - Notion alternative

A well-reviewed project management solution with several features.


  • Comprehensive project management
  • Customizable note making with rich text formatting
  • API Integrations
  • Functional app for desktop and mobile


  • Free plan only offers 100 custom fields
  • Limited time tracking
  • Steep learning curve


Free Forever plan is available with limited functions; paid plans start at $5/user/month.

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6. Nuclino

create, share, and edit documents in real-time with Nuclino
Nuclino - Notion alternative

A knowledge management solution that comes close to Notion’s experience.


  • Strong document and knowledge management
  • Sleek and easy to read UI
  • Standard collaboration features


  • Limited database building features compared to Notion
  • Lacks powerful formulas


Free plan up to 2GB storage and 50 items. Paid plans from $5/user/month.

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7. Slite

a note-taking and knowledge management software
Slite - Notion alternative

This is a collaboration-focused workspace app.


  • Strong document and collaboration features
  • Unique content blocks
  • Structured, organized UI


  • Only has basic database building functions
  • No kanban boards


Free plan up to 50 documents, paid version starts at $6.67/user/month.

8. Obsidian

create a folder of plaintext files for your notes with Obsidian
Obsidian - Notion alternative

A powerful and highly customizable app that allows for huge potential.


  • Unique UI and graph view
  • Unlimited creation of knowledge bases
  • Supports over 250 languages
  • 20+ useful plugins


  • Work is not shareable
  • Needs external plugins for many functions
  • Steep learning curve past basic note taking


Free for personal use. Paid add-ons are available and start at $25 for insider updates and dev support.

9. Asana

 a cloud-based task management solution
Asana - Notion alternative

A trusted project management tool to manage tasks, set goals and do integrations.


  • Can add, assign, and automate tasks
  • 100+ integrations
  • 50+ templates for workflows


  • Limited free plan
  • UI is unfriendly for new users
  • Cannot assign multiple people for one task


Free plan with unlimited projects. Paid starts at $10.99/user/month.

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10. Workflowy

organize ideas, notes, tasks, writing drafts or anything else with Workflowy
Workflowy - Notion alternative

A robust wiki tool with to-do list functionality.


  • Quick and structured user interface
  • Rich text editing
  • Deep nesting functions for heavy documents


  • Not open-source
  • Few product updates
  • Mobile browser has poor functioning


Free up to 250 ‘bullets’ a month. The pro version starts at $4.99/month.

11. Anytype

manage data offline and keep it private with Anytype
Anytype - Notion alternative

A futuristic app that seeks to ensure data security and privacy for its users.


  • Unique philosophy and interface
  • Offline mode offers secure data encryption
  • Solid app despite being in early stages, engaging online forum of users


  • Does not offer collaboration features yet
  • Not a stable tool, still in development


Currently free.

12. BaseCamp

a project management platform
Basecamp - Notion alternative

BaseCamp calls itself an ‘all-in-one toolkit for remote collaboration


  • Simplifies task management
  • Keeps all employees and clients on the same page with message boards
  • In-built calendar and to-do lists


  • Cannot define custom task statuses and priorities
  • Limited customization for large projects


Free plan with 3 projects and 1GB storage. Paid plan starts at $11/user/month.

13. Proofhub

project planning software for projects of all size
ProofHub - Notion alternative

This is yet another project management software that focuses on note taking as well.


  • Productivity features like time tracking, reporting
  • Multiple views
  • Dedicated notes section with unlimited notes and wikis
  • Robust team collaboration features


  • Notification management is an area of concern
  • Does not allow for single Google login


Flat pricing policy, packs at $45/month and $89/month.

14. nTask

plan and analyze everyday tasks with nTask
nTask - Notion alternative

A competent project management alternative to Notion


  • Kanban for workflows
  • Checklists, time tracking and reporting features
  • Easy collaboration


  • Limited customization
  • No desktop app
  • Poor customer support


Free plan up to 100MB storage, unlimited workspace. Paid plans start at $3/user/month.

15. Microsoft OneNote

One cross-functional notebook for all your notetaking needs
Microsoft OneNote - Notion alternative

A Microsoft app for document collaboration and to-do lists.


  • Streamlined, intuitive UI
  • Versatile text editor
  • Good customizability and folder organization
  • Integrations with Microsoft products


  • Mobile interface is cluttered
  • Limited project management capabilities


Entirely free to use.

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While Notion may have its advantages as a dedicated note-taking application, for a holistic project management solution, it’s worth looking at its many competitors.

Stackby is a highly recommended choice, considering its potential when it comes to managing data with more structured databases, teams, collaboration, workflows, automation and spreadsheet capabilities, and so much more.

a powerful spreadsheet style database - an alternative to notion