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Dealflow CRM Template

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Dealflow CRM Template
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Deal-flow CRM template from Stackby will help you visualize your whole deal-flow pipeline and automate your deal-flow workflows. You can store, organize and manage all the deal-flow data in one place and ensure complete coordination within your team.

What is a Deal Flow CRM?

Deal flow is often defined as the quantity and quality potential investments available to an investor, firm, or funding institution. The process of managing deal flows more effectively is known as deal flow management. A deal flow CRM template ensures that you do not miss any lucrative opportunity that can change your business forever.

Overview of Stackby’s Deal Flow CRM Template

Bring all data in one place

The Deals table in our deal-flow CRM template enables you to store all the data regarding upcoming and current investment deals such as:

  • deal name,
  • website,
  • company,
  • pitch,
  • priority (high, medium, low),
  • status (diligence, contact, pass, invested),
  • current funding (angle, seed, etc.),
  • description of the deal,
  • sector/ industry,
  • location,
  • meeting time and date,
  • deal raised on date,
  • money raised,
  • post valuation,
  • revenue,
  • run rate,
  • company size,
  • team,
  • sources, etc.

Manage information about companies

Manage all the details of companies in one place such as name of the company, deal name, sources, contacts of a company, etc.

Easy access to company contacts and sources

You can store all the details of company contacts like their names, position in the company, email, interactions and so on in the Company Contacts table. Similarly, the Sources table will store data related to the sources of a company such as their name, company, phone, email, contacts, deals, etc.

Ensure no gaps in communications

The Interactions table helps you ensure synchronized communications with a contact across all channels like phone, email etc. You can keep track of interactions with different contacts and store the details of the interactions as notes for further communication.

Manage teams

Last, but not least, there is a Teams table that helps you manage which team member is leading which deal and how many deals are being handled by every team member.

Other features of our deal-flow CRM template:

Startup pitch form

Send this form to startups who contact you for investment purposes and add all their data automatically to the deal-flow stack. You can customize the form and change its appearance, add a logo etc. based on your requirements.

Filter deals by status

Our deal-flow CRM template includes Status kanban view that filters all deals based on their status such as diligence, contact, invested, pass, etc.

Filter deals by priority

Find which deal is important and which is not using our Priorities kanban view. Ensure better decision-making with Stackby’s deal-flow CRM.

Who can use Stackby’s deal-flow tracker template?

Staclby’s deal-flow CRM can be used by investment firms, private firms, venture capitalists or angel investors, private equity investors, etc.

Don’t risk losing deals because of lack of management

Streamline your workflows with Stackby’s deal-flow CRM template and ensure smoother communications with your contacts. Do not let potential deals go out of your reach just because you could not coordinate with your team. Use Stackby’s deal flow management template today.

How to use Stackby’s Deal-flow CRM template?

Copy the template to your Stackby Workspace to bring in all the tables and sample data.

Customize your startup pitch form by adding/removing the fields according to your business requirements.

You can even enable email notifications , slack notifications , or MS team notifications to indicate when someone sends a sales pitch to you.

Bring your team to collaborate on the deal-flow CRM and streamline your workflow.

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