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Fundraising CRM Template

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Fundraising CRM Template
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Raising funds is a crucial part of growing any organization, but managing investor relationships, tracking potential leads, and keeping your pitch materials organized can be overwhelming. Stackby’s Fundraising CRM Template is designed to simplify the fundraising process, providing a centralized and efficient way to manage all your fundraising activities. Whether you're a startup founder, a nonprofit director, or part of a fundraising team, this template will help you stay organized and focused on achieving your fundraising goals.

Why Use the Fundraising CRM Template?

Centralize Your Fundraising Efforts

Managing fundraising activities often involves juggling multiple contacts, pitches, and follow-ups. Stackby’s fundraising event software centralizes all this information, making it easy to track and manage your efforts in one place. This comprehensive approach helps ensure that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Streamline Communication

Effective communication is key to successful fundraising. This fundraising database software allows you to keep detailed records of all interactions with investors and contacts, ensuring that you can follow up appropriately and maintain strong relationships. By having all your communication history in one place, you can provide a personalized and professional experience to each potential investor.

Organize Your Pitch Materials

Having your pitch materials organized and easily accessible is crucial for making a strong impression on investors. Stackby’s template includes a dedicated space for managing your pitch decks, ensuring that you can quickly access and share them when needed. This organization helps you present a polished and prepared image to potential investors.

Key Tables Managed with This Template


The Investors table is where you manage all information related to potential and current investors. This table helps you keep track of key details, such as investment history, interests, and engagement levels.

Key Fields in the Investors Table:

  • Investor Name
  • Logo
  • Total funding
  • Total investors
  • Associated contacts

By organizing investor information in this table, you can ensure that you are well-prepared for every interaction and can tailor your pitch to each investor’s specific interests.


The Contacts table helps you manage all other important contacts related to your fundraising efforts, such as advisors, partners, and leads. Keeping these contacts organized ensures that you can effectively leverage your network to support your fundraising goals.

Key Fields in the Contacts Table:

  • Contact Name
  • Organization
  • Investment type
  • Investor type
  • Days since last contacted
  • Amount promised

Having a clear overview of all your contacts allows you to strategically engage with your network and maximize your fundraising potential.

Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck table is where you manage all your pitch materials. This includes storing different versions of your pitch deck, tracking feedback, and preparing for presentations. Keeping your pitch materials organized helps you make a strong and consistent impression on potential investors.

Key Fields in the Pitch Deck Table:

  • Pitch Deck Name
  • Pitch collaborator
  • Investors
  • Focus area
  • Link to Document

By having all your pitch materials easily accessible, you can quickly respond to investor inquiries and ensure that you are always presenting the most current and polished version of your pitch.

Fundraising can be a challenging but rewarding process, and Stackby’s Fundraising CRM Template is here to make it easier. With organized tables for managing investors, contacts, and pitch decks, this is the best fundraising crm that provides the structure and tools you need to streamline your fundraising efforts and achieve your goals. Start using Stackby’s Fundraising CRM Template today and take your fundraising to the next level! 

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