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Personal CRM Template

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Personal CRM Template
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Personal CRM system’s basic and critical feature is keeping track of communications with the customer, maintaining an updated database, planning and reminding about follow-ups, updating the lead status, and scheduling future communications with any converted clients. 

Maintaining multiple channels for every other business need can prove to be quite difficult. It is easier to keep track of all the requirements through one singular platform. This is where Stackby’s Personal CRM template comes in. 

What is a Personal CRM?

Personal CRM is a centralized contact management tool to manage all your personal and professional contacts to keep track of future communication and staying in touch.

A Personal CRM template provides people with a starting point looking forward to using spreadsheet-based CRM solutions. It is designed for easy and quick use and better accessibility. 

The Personal CRM template will be best suited for entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, contractors, or just anybody looking to forward their work or career. It is quite flexible to assist anyone trying to grow and systematically cultivate their network & business. 

Who will find this Personal CRM template useful?

This template is useful for any individual, business owner, managers, business development teams, sales individuals & SMEs. 

How will Stackby’s free Personal CRM Template help you?

Stackby's free Personal CRM template will help you organize and track all your clients and relations. 

Using this free Personal CRM template, you will be able to: 

  • Record the details of all your clients on the same platform. 
  • Track each client's title (Small Business Owner/ Marketer/ YouTuber/ Analyst/ Project Leader/ etc.).
  • Record the current location in each case. 
  • Store the contact details of each client. This includes the phone number and email address.
  • Track the date of the last meeting. 
  • Store the details of the current employer of each client. 
  • Add notes in each case, if necessary.
  • You can also track the number of clients from each location separately.
  • Similarly, you can also keep a record of the number of clients under a particular employer. 
  • Monitor and update the details as and when needed. 

The free Personal CRM template is completely customizable. You can have the layout of the information the way you want and continue to customize it to match with your network management preference. 

Benefits of using Stackby's Personal CRM Template:

  1. Track all of your network and contacts in a single place from university to your work life. 
  2. Never miss a relationship due to forgetfulness or plain laziness, you never know who can be of help and when. 
  3. Nurture all your relationships with proper reminders, days passed since last followups and your last conversations. 
  4. Track all the todos and make your network strong with each passing day. 
  5. 30 mins of using this Personal CRM every week would help you keep track of all your relationships.  

Copy the Personal CRM stack and start using the best Personal CRM template today!  

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