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Recruiting Pipeline Template

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Recruiting Pipeline Template
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A recruitment pipeline is used to have a detailed overview of the entire recruitment process. You can track the progress of each candidate throughout the entire recruitment process with the recruiting pipeline template. This template would make the entire process easier for the recruiter since all the information related to the recruiting pipeline is available at a single location.

What is the Recruitment Pipeline Template?

Recruiters use a recruitment pipeline template to keep a tab on the entire hiring process and keep track of the entire hiring process at a glance. You have the complete list of all the candidates in one place, where the status of each candidate is provided, and which information regarding which process of hiring they are currently in and which stage is next.

For the benefit of the recruiter and to make it easier for them, the contact details and the resumes of each candidate are also made available in the recruitment pipeline.

Why do you need a Recruitment Pipeline Template?

A recruitment pipeline template is the easiest way for recruiters to organize and maintain their hiring process without creating a lot of chaos without outsourcing the recruitment process to other companies and keeping the recruitment in-house .

This template allows the recruiter to easily manage multiple hiring pipelines at once since all of the requir ed information is available at their fingertips at any given time. 

Since the recruitment pipeline is maintained online using this template, all the updates are provided in real-time. Recruiters are always up-to-date with the hiring process, and hence they can efficiently complete the hiring process with minimal time and resources and in a smooth manner without hassles.

Who is this template for?

This template is useful for recruiters of companies of all sizes. Using this template to keep track of the hiring process of all the various pipelines within their company.

How will Stackby’s Recruitment Pipeline Template help you?

Stackby’s template is the best recruitment pipeline template there is currently. Our template provides a wide array of options to the recruiter who would be using it for managing their recruitment pipeline in their company.

  • In the first column, you could find all the candidates who are currently undergoing the recruitment process. 
  • Right next to it, you also have the column which has their photos for you to identify each candidate and also you have their resumes in the next column and also their contact number in the next column, so that you would have, in a glance, available all the details you would need about the candidate.
  • The next columns provide you an even deeper view of the hiring process of each candidate; you get the "stage" column, where you know the status of each candidate, whether they are rejected, selected, or undergoing a specific round of interviews in their recruitment cycle .
  • You can also find the dates on which they started their process, the date for the next process, etc., and for which position they have applied for.
  • You also have ratings to score the performance of each candidate in each round.
  • All of these columns, plus the option to filter to use only specific parts of the templates to view specific information that the recruiters require, make it easy for them to manage the recruitment process.

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