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Employee Onboarding Template

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Employee Onboarding Template
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Regardless of their nature and scope, companies of all kinds frequently hire new employees to replace the employees who have left the organization, attract new talent, and diversify the workforce’s talent pool.

Finding the right candidate for the right job is extremely important! Extensive interviews are conducted to scrutinize the applications and identify the best and most suitable candidates. Once selected, offer letters are extended to the candidates. What happens after the applicants join the company? This is where the idea of employee onboarding comes in.

What is employee onboarding and why it is important for your HR?

Although the term has different interpretations for different companies, employee onboarding is introducing and integrating the new employees with the company’s environment and culture.

The duration and nature of tasks that fall under employee onboarding differ from one organization to another. However, in all cases, employee onboarding is the first interaction an employee has with the company after the recruitment process. It is the window of opportunity where you can make a long-lasting impression on your employees.

A practical and well-managed onboarding process can convert talented recruits into loyal, long-term employees of the company. It reduces the company’s turnover rate and provides you with a competitive edge over others in the market.

Keeping detailed records of the various tasks that fall under onboarding can be quite a hassle. Looking for an onboarding checklist that will allow you to track all the newly hired employees? Well, look no more! To only and streamline the work of your team, Stackby has developed a state-of-the-art Employee Onboarding Template.

A robust onboarding process makes your new employees feel valued and appreciated and improves the company’s overall work culture. With our onboarding template, you can monitor everything of your team member's onboarding, in a single place with Stackby’s Employee Onboarding Template.

With multiple onboarding templates available in the market, why should you choose us? With our customizable and user-friendly template, you will be able to:

  • Track the onboarding process from start to finish on a single interface.
  • Create your onboarding checklist for the process and list all the tasks that need to be done. For example, signing the employee contract, submitting bank account details, office tour, meet the CEO, setup benefits, etc.).
  • Record the exact instance when each task needs to be done (On joining/ Within five days of joining/ After office tour/ After signing employee contract/ etc.).
  • Track the status of each item in the onboarding process to see if it’s done or not.
  • Record the list of company resources engaged in the onboarding process. Attach related documents to the onboarding template, if any.
  • Record the names of all the new employees of your company and their corresponding onboarding checklist. 
  • Track the exact date of joining of each employee.
  • Monitor and update the details as and when required.

Copy the stack today and discover the secret to standing out in this employee-centric job market! If you're looking to track your recruiting process, please check out our most popular Applicant Tracking Template.  

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