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Employee Timesheet Template

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Employee Timesheet Template
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Keeping and managing a manual timesheet is a very tedious task. This is where the Employee Timesheet template comes into play. This template can be used to automatically record the amount of time a particular employee or worker has spent working on a particular day.

What is an Employee Timesheet Template?

An Employee Timesheet Template is an easy way to record the amount of time a particular employee has worked on a particular day. Businesses and companies use Employee Timesheet Templates to keep track of how long a particular spent on a specific project, role, or task. Businesses and companies also use free employee timesheets to make sure employees meet deadlines and complete tasks on time.

Why do you need an Employee Timesheet Template?

The employers can use an Employee Timesheet Template to calculate the amount of remuneration to be paid to the employees based on the number of hours and days worked. This template also provides insights into the length of time required to complete each task as well.

With this information, managers can then allocate resources accordingly to ensure all the tasks are completed on time, without delays. Employee timesheets are also useful to know when there is a duplication of work and identify where time is wasted with unnecessary tasks. The Employee Timesheet template helps businesses and companies to manage their resources and workforce more efficiently.

Who is this template for?

Since this template has many uses, it is being used in various forms of businesses and companies for resources and workforce management according to their specific needs and preference. Any company that has a significant workforce can use this template.

How will Stackby’s Employee Timesheet Template help you?

  • Our Employee Timesheet is one of the easiest templates you will find to use and manage.
  • On our template, you will find the employee name in the first column; the second column would have the exact time the employee started working, with the exact time and date.
  • In the next column, you would find the time the employee stopped working, again in the same format, with the time and date. 
  • Our template would automatically calculate the number of hours worked and automatically calculate the total amount of salary they have earned for that day using the rate per hour column and provide you with the exact amount.
  • Since the entire process is completely automated, it saves a lot of time for the business or the company.
  • You also get the option to filter and keep only specific columns as per your need or requirement.
  • Our template also has the second window where you can get additional details about your employees, their names, their photo for identification, email address and phone number in case you would need to contact them, their particular rate per hour, amount they have earned, etc.

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