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Recruitment Tracker Template

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Recruitment Tracker Template
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Recruitment is the process of hiring the right candidates for the right positions in your company. Employees form the backbone of any form of business. Hence, companies have to make sure that the candidate's capability matches the responsibility that will be assigned to him or her.

One of the key objectives of recruitment is to anticipate the company's existing and upcoming recruitment needs. This is followed by making the required arrangements to fill the vacant positions by interviewing and assessing potential candidates.

An efficient recruitment process allows you to streamline the procedure and reduce the time you spend looking for viable candidates. It also needs to be cost effective and conducted within the given time.

Companies devote a substantial amount of their time and resources towards their recruitment process to attract and hire the best talent. To ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process , you need a recruitment tracker that will allow you to record all relevant data in one place.

Well, your search is over! Stackby’s Recruitment Tracker Template has been custom-made to track your recruitment process from start to finish. It gives you an overview of your company's open positions and details of the candidates that have applied for the same position.

Using our Recruitment Tracker Template, you will be able to:

  • Monitor the open positions in your company right now.
  • Attach the job description document of each position to the recruitment plan template.
  • Track the number of vacancies available under each position of your company. For example, for the position of Chief Financial Officer, there may be one vacancy available. However, for the position of Associate Developer, there are eight vacancies currently available.
  • Monitor the level of requirement for each position (Low/ Medium/ High).
  • Track the current status of a particular position (Open/ Interviewing/ On Hold/ Canceled).
  • Record the details of the manager who is taking care of the recruitment process of a position . Store their contact details to avoid any form of communication gap. Add notes, if necessary, regarding each position.
  • Store the details of the candidates that have applied for each position.
  • Attach each applicant's picture to the recruitment tracker template and store their contact details in the template itself.
  • Keep a record of each applicant's positions and attach their CV to the template to facilitate easy access .
  • Record the interview date for each applicant. This will allow you to allot time for each applicant and schedule the interviews accordingly.
  • Rate the candidate according to the interview already conducted and record the name of the interviewer too.

Record the phone interview score of each applicant (Good/ Strong/ Rejected/ Reconsider/ Probably Hire). You can also track the application process's current status (Decision Pending/ No Hire/ Hired/ In-Person Interview).

Stackby’s Recruitment Template is user-friendly and easy to understand. Collaborate with your HR team and start using it today!

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