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Technology Roadmap Template

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Technology Roadmap Template
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A technology roadmap helps business leaders plan which, when, and why certain technologies will be onboarded. For instance, you may need a new plan implementing a security log filter. In other words, your technology roadmap plan defines your digital transformation goals. 

Why do you need a technology roadmap?

  • Think it through: Whenever you decide to introduce some new IT changes in your company, you must think of how these changes will affect your business. For instance, if you want to upgrade to new servers, you need to find out how to store the current data of every employee. 
  • Summarize your strategy: An IT roadmap makes it easier for you to present your ideas and aspirations to all your team members and business stakeholders. This way, you can seek their support. 
  • Keep yourself on track: Your technology roadmap helps you keep on track during the digital transformation process. You can prepare yourself for any kinds of risks or challenges that may arise during the transformation. 

Who can use Stackby’s technology roadmap template?

Business owners, product teams, IT teams, development teams, entrepreneurs, and product managers can use Stackby’s technology roadmap template. 

What are the features of Stackby’s technology roadmap template?

Our easy-to-use technology roadmap template includes three tables: Initiatives table that helps you keep a record of all the proposed changes in your company, Milestones table that tracks every digital transformation milestone and Owner table that tracks the manager of every digital transformation task. With our technology roadmap template, you can:

  • Track every technology that needs to be incorporated in your business. 
  • Record the start date and end date of every initiative. 
  • Track the status of each initiative (in process, complete, backlog).
  • Track the person/ manager responsible for that initiative. 
  • Track the progress of every initiative in the technology roadmap. 
  • Track the effort put in incorporating a technology initiative. 
  • Rate the technology initiative incorporated in your business. 
  • Track every digital transformation milestone for your business. 
  • Record the team members details responsible for incorporating a technology initiative. 

How to build a technology roadmap with Stackby?

1. Identify the goals: The first step to build a technology roadmap is to find the “why” or the reason behind incorporating a technology in your business. Ensure that this change is truly beneficial for your business. 

2. Determine your audience: Who is going to see this technology roadmap? Make sure you create the roadmap accordingly. Stackby allows you to visualize your roadmap in Calendar view, Kanban and Grid view so that you can build the roadmap accordingly.

3. Establish your theme: Think of the actions or initiatives that are of highest priority and should be implemented first. Prioritize every initiative on this basis. 

4. Share your roadmap: Invite team members, stakeholders, etc to view or edit your technology roadmap. Stackby allows you to set permissions as you require so that you can restrict who can view, edit or update your roadmap. 

5. Assign responsibilities: Based on your strategic technology roadmap template, you can assign different initiatives to different team members/ managers and ensure continuous progress. 

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