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Customer Development CRM Template

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Customer Development CRM Template
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Inspired by Steve Blank, this Customer Development CRM allows to you to track and manage your customers, problem statements and features requested. 

Customer development is about acquiring, retaining, and developing profitable clients. The term customer development was coined in the 1990s and helps a business in:

  • Discovering and validating the needs of the customers
  • Creating the right product for your customers 
  • Testing correct methods for acquiring and converting customers
  • Using the right resources to meet the demands of the customers 
  • Problems without a Customer Development CRM 

A customer development CRM is a tool that can help you streamline the above-listed processes in one place and ensure a successful business. Many businesses, especially startups face issues in customer development such as:

  • Tracking the meeting details with a customer becomes clumsy with spreadsheets and post-it notes. 
  • Employees not knowing whom to contact for a customer-related issue. 
  • Reporting as it becomes a hassle since you have to pull data from various platforms. 
  • Classifying customers and organize contacts can be difficult. 

Four Steps of Customer Development CRM Framework

  1. Customer Discovery: In this step, a business looks for customers or a market that is suitable for the product that it wants to develop. Stackby has the right resources for customer discovery like a product-market fit system and sales pipeline.   
  2. Customer Validation: In this step, you understand that the product that you have will generate you profits and scale your business. You can use Stackby’s marketing strategy template to determine that the mone y you invest in marketing will have its return and also its profit.
  3. Customer Acquisition: In this step, you put all your efforts and find customers for your product. You can use Stackby reporting tools to track all the key performance indicators for your project. 
  4. Customer Delight: It is the last step in which you keep following the first-three steps in order to scale up your product and match the changing needs of the customers. Use our Customer Development CRM to execute this step.  

Stackby’s customer development CRM can turn the tables for you!

  • Add data in one place: Store all the meeting notes in one place and never miss taking follow-ups. 
  • Share reports with your team: Create reports in just one click by importing data from third-party apps to Stackby and instantly share the reports with your team. 
  • Organize contact information: Use more than 25+ column types to store custom er data. 
  • Track issues: Keep a list of issues reported by different customers and streamline working on them. 

Who can use Stackby’s Customer Development CRM Template?

Stackby’s Customer Development CRM Template can be used by business managers, product teams, marketing teams, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and business owners. 

What are the important features of Stackby’s Customer Development CRM Template?

Our customer development CRM template includes four tables to track customer details, interview details, problem statements, and add-on features details respectively. With this template, you can:

  • Record all important details of a customer (name, email, category, photo, persona, etc)
  • Track the interview details with every customer 
  • Record the problem statements mentioned in each interview 
  • Store detailed records of every problem statement and the features related to them
  • Track the features to be added to the product based on problem statements given by customers 

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