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Customer Journey Map Template

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The success of your company depends on several factors. Customer experience is one of them. Your best and most advanced product will not contribute to the company’s profits if the customer is not satisfied with his or her experience in your company.

Customer experience is as important as your product’s quality and price. How can you ensure that your customers are satisfied? The answer lies in a customer journey map. It is the process that allows a company to understand its customers and the journey they take when they interact and deal with your company.

It is a tool that helps you understand the obstacles faced by your customers at different stages and their level of satisfaction with your company’s service. To visualize the journey of a customer, companies create customer journey maps detailing the customer’s experience from start to finish.

Why is Customer Journey Mapping important?

Customer journey map can be a little difficult to draw when you start doing it, but it’s worth it. Why? Here is why customer journey mapping important:

  • It gives you an overview of your customer’s journey.
  • It allows you to anticipate any possible issues that may arise by analysing past customer journeys.
  • You can use the customer journey map to isolate the areas where customer’s expectations are not matching the actual experience.
  • Improved customer experience will directly lead to enhanced brand loyalty and high referral rates.
  • It is a cost-effective method to improve the customer journey and attract new customers in the process.

However, the process creating a customer journey map is not easy. It involves multiple steps and requires the collaboration of various departments. You need a template that will allow you to simplify and streamline the entire process.

Who will this be useful for?

This Customer Journey Map Template will be helpful for marketers, marketing teams, sales team, customer support teams, business owners, SMEs and Agencies.

How will Stackby’s Customer Journey Map Template help you?

Using Stackby’s Customer Journey Map Template, you will be able to:

  • Record the details of each company or organization that you’re dealing with and the corresponding contact person. You can store the photograph, current role, and contact details of each contact person.
  • Monitor the current stage of the customer’s journey (Trial/ Onboarding/ Sales/ Upgrading/ Flatline/ Dead) in the customer journey map template.
  • Record the details of the manager in charge of the accounts.
  • You can record the date set for the next meeting with the customer. Along with this, you can also set the meeting agenda.
  • Add the tasks that need to be completed for each client/ customer. You can also add notes or comments to help your team members.
  • Check if the tasks are under capacity or need to be delegated.
  • Track the current status of each customer.
  • The template allows you to rate the ongoing customer relationship with the company.
  • Update and monitor the details as and when required.

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