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Fundraising CRM Template

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Fundraising CRM Template
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A fundraising CRM template is a tool that helps businesses collect, organize and make use of their investor information. It is just like a CRM software integrated with marketing capabilities. With this template, you can create a centralized database for your investors information and your team can collaborate on the pitches together. You can filter out and visualize data quickly and identify the last touchpoint with an investor.

Overview of Fundraising CRM Template

1. Manage all Contacts in One Place

Our fundraising CRM template helps you to keep track of all your investor data such as their contact information, amount to be raised, last contacted date, pitch deck sent etc.

2. Manage All Investors in One Place

The investors table in our fundraising CRM template helps keep track of all the investor companies, their total funding, contacts, and number of investors.

3. Manage Investment Pitches

Streamline the process of creating and sharing pitches with your team with this template. You can upload the documents on Stack, add collaborators, and track all important details of a pitch.

Other features of fundraising CRM template:

1. Track the fund raising process using Status Board

Stackby’s fundraising CRM template also includes a status board based on the status of the investor. Identify which investor has finalized the payment, where you need to send your pitches or take a follow up based on Investor Status (introduction, pitching, funding finalized, first contact, etc.).

2. Monitor when you last contacted an investor using Calendar view

The fundraising CRM template includes a calendar view that showcases all the dates when investors were last contacted. Keeping a track of this calendar can help you identify when your team is contacting the investors and how frequently.

Why use Stackby’s Investor fundraising CRM Template?

Automate your fundraising process: 

No need to keep separate copies of investor data with every client. Stackby provides you a centralized database where your team can collaborate, track and manage the fundraising process.

Segment your investors:

You can segment the investors based on their funding history, interests, preferences, etc. and keep a note of every conversation with them. As a result, you can personalize communication with them.

Gather insights about fundraising: 

Data lets you find out which investors are committed to your business and can help you in time of need. You can also find which investor has a broad network and what their potential is.

Retain investors easily:

Data can help you retain investors. As you will get to know your investors in a better way, you can enhance your pitches and create better investor relationships.

Who can Use Stackby’s Fundraising CRM template?

Our fundraising CRM template can be used by entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, COOs of any organization, etc. Startups can use it as a startup fundraising CRM and leverage the power of automation.

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