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Training and Placement Management Template

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Training and Placement Management Template
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Internships and training play an important role in equipping students with a reasonable amount of exposure and experience. Academic institutions need to produce students who are versed in fieldwork before they are given placements. Stackby simplifies this process with the Training and Placement Management Template and eases the paths for both the students and the institution in gaining experience. 

Why is Training and Placement Management important?

Training usually provides the students with real-world experience, which is important while applying for jobs. Moreover, the placement processes are based not only on the judgment of a student's CGPA but also on their active participation in the work field. This helps the student start his career with a solid base and gives their goals a direction. This is why training and placement processes are a necessary part of preparing for a student's life. 

How will Stackby’s Training and Placement Template be useful to you?

  • This template comes with features that easily allow you to record the details and description of your job, including the date of commencement and end, the field of work, mentor, etc.
  • It also allows you to monitor the number of interns working under one to determine that every intern gets an equal opportunity to present their skills at work. 
  • The template tracks the location of the job, the department of function.
  • It also allows you to record the details of the guides, the number of interns under them, and the company concerned. 
  • The weekly report can be traced through this template that allows you to follow the graduating student's progress. 

Who will find this template useful?

Training and placement cells, academic and vocational training institutes, and recruiting companies will likely find this template extremely useful.

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