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User Research Template

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User Research Template
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How's Stackby User Research Template will help you ?

For a company, managing its users’ experience is a very crucial task. To satisfy the users is the primary goal of any company to generate profit and keep the goodwill intact. Managing the users’ experience is essential for a company to take the product to the next level. Our User Research Template can help you out with that!

A user research template is an answer for effectively managing all the data and research done by the company to know the experience of the consumers. You can manage any qualitative and quantitative data in this user research template by Stackby. All you have to do is copy the data and apply it in the template; that’s it!

User research is typically done at the beginning of the project or any product development. It is done to know the perspective of the consumers and for the development of the product. There are two ways research is done:

  1. Qualitative: The type of research in which the information such as how a user thinks or feels. It is done to find the user’s opinion, emotions, and experiences.
  2. Quantitative: A quantitative data looks into numerical values, which can be read in a statistical form. It is generally used to quantify the opinions of the users.

In user research, both qualitative and quantitative data is collected and is analyzed for the research purpose. The study can be used to develop and perform an existing product or apply to a whole new product.

The need for user research is to find the answers to your questions. It tells you who your users are; In what context will they be using the product; and what are their expectations from you. Stackby’s user research template helps you manage all your research separately for the individual user and keeps it saved for future purposes.

To conduct effective user research, you need to:

  • Take note of what your users do. 
  • Set upright questions in the questionnaire to get unbiased answers from the people/users.
  • Think from the user’s perspective and do not make assumptions beforehand.
  • Be ready to get surprised.

With Stackby’s User Research Template, you can keep track of all the research and the interview stack, your NPS score, and all those companies which took part in the research. 

Having a user research template has its advantages. It helps a company manage its research to develop the product or design and a new one. It is always good to know what people think of your company or your company’s products. And this User Research template is there to lend you a helping hand.

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