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Agile Product Planning Template

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Agile Product Planning Template
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The dependency of a firm on its products’ success is not to be taken lightly, and for as many products to be sold as possible, the products need to be appealing to the customers. Sometimes the products may need to be sold within a tight schedule. During such a time, the product planning process may not get the required amount of attention it requires.

The Stackby Agile Product Planning Template is here to solve this problem. With the help of this template, you will be able to meet your deadline and deliver a presentable product that is appealing to your customers.

What is Agile Product Planning?

Agile product planning is a kind of methodology that works on three levels - vision, product strategy, and tactics. Each sits within the other, and depends on the others to be working well to achieve overall success using agile product planning. The attention to detail also increases in density as we go down from vision to tactics. The product vision could be encapsulated in a simple line or two, while the tactics needed to execute this vision include details like sketches, storyboards, and written out plans.

Managing all these levels and details takes a good amount of preparation, but the results pay off at the end. To simplify this process, Stackby has come up with an Agile Product Planning Template for product teams to use.

How will the Stackby Agile Product Planning Template help you?

  • The template is packed with features that help you strategize the product designs, sales strategies, and releases.
  • This template also allows you to track the progress of the development of the product.
  • It marks the creators and simplifies the process of alterations.
  • The sprints feature is there to trace the progress of the product. This includes the dates of release, dates of alterations made, and the launch of the final product.
  • The objective of the product release can be marked, and the reception by the consumers can be recorded as well.

The product planning process as it draws closer to the release date is often sped up, and this sprint is marked in the form of meetings and coverage of product objectives. The agile product planning template allows you to make any extra notes regarding the product and present a polished product at the end.

Who will find the agile product planning template useful?

Big and small businesses looking to make changes to their products will find this template to be useful. Product managers functioning under these companies are likely to make maximum use out of it.

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