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Use a volunteer management template to recruit and manage volunteers easily Templates

Volunteer Management

What is a Volunteer Management Template? A volunteer management template can help you juggle between different tasks of planning volunteer opportunities, promoting them, engaging them, and retaining them for the long term. With Stackby’s volunteer management template, you can streamline the complete process of recruiting and managing volunteer work for your organization. Create value Strategic administration of volunteer work can help you save time. You can easily create reports when you have organized data accurately in a volunteer management template. Online registration Use Stackby forms to register your volunteers online and organize their data on your Stack automatically. Online registration ensures fewer errors as compared to paper-based applications. Easy reports You can use a volunteer management template to check how volunteers are performing and interacting with your organization. This way you can easily optimize your volunteer management process. Read more: Stackby Forms What is Volunteer Management? Volunteer management is a process of creating a system for recruitment, training, engagement, and coordination of volunteers. In other words, it is the process of managing the volunteers in an organization. Creating a proper volunteer management plan can help you speed up the operations, choices, and objectives of managing volunteers. The Three R’s of Volunteer Management A strategic approach to volunteer management involves 3 R’s: recruitment, retention, and responsibility. Recruitment The process of hiring volunteers to do the work of your organization Retention Ensuring that volunteers are satisfied with your organization Responsibility Providing a rewarding, valuable experience to the volunteers How to Start a Volunteer Management Database? A volunteer management database is the most essential tool for every coordinator. The most effective tool is that it can be stored online and can be accessed everywhere. It should store all the contact information of volunteers along with their house details, skills, availability, etc. Creating a volunteer management database on platforms like Stackby makes it easier for you to optimize registration and engagement capabilities. Moreover, it eliminates the need for manual data entry and errors. Stackby provides an automated volunteer management template that helps you store everything about volunteer programs, campaigns, volunteers, volunteer sites, and coordinators. Your whole team can collaborate on this tool in real-time, making it easier to work together even from remote locations. Who can Use Stackby’s Volunteer Management Template? Stackby’s volunteer management template can be used by non-profit organizations, volunteer program managers, recruitment teams, and administrative staff. How is Stackby’s Volunteer Management Template Helpful for You? Stackby’s volunteer management template helps you streamline your workflows so that your team can work together without any inconsistencies. It will increase your team’s productivity and make it easier for your team to generate effective reports. With this template, you can do the following Record the list of volunteers and their status (Active, Inactive). Store the basic details of the volunteers like email, photos, date joined, phone number, and total campaigns involved Keep track of volunteer programs and campaigns such as campaign type, number of active volunteers, total volunteers, and campaign collaborators. Add campaign attachments necessary for the team. Record the details of the volunteer programs started by your organization and their corresponding volunteering events. Track all your volunteer sites in one place, their name, campaigns, owner, contact number, coordinator, and volunteering events. Keep a record of all the program coordinators, their names, contact numbers, and emails. Keep a track of all the volunteering events, their start date, volunteering programs, campaigns, and volunteers. Other management templates to manage your workflows: Coworking Management System Template Project Management Visitor Management System Template
Medical Chart Template By Stackby Templates

Medical Chart

How Stackby's Medical Chart Template help you ? Whether you run a hospital, a nursing home, or a clinic, the essential records you maintain are your patient’s records. Without well-maintained and updated records of patient details, the entire hospital could come to a standstill. Medical records and charts provide a wide range of details starting from patient conditions, surgeries needed, doctors assigned, medications available, insurance reports , so on.  They are essential for the continuity of care of your patients. On the other hand, they are vital for hospitals as well for defending any complaints or claims of medical negligence. Records of patient and physician information empower hospitals to treat their patients to the best of their ability. They need to be adequately maintained and regularly updated for the smooth functioning of healthcare centers. This is where Stackby’s Medical Chart Template comes in.  Digital records reduce the possibility of errors and are preferred over manual records. To help you run your hospital or clinic, Stackby has developed a state-of-the-art Medical Chart Template . Using this template, you can keep meticulous records of all relevant information, including details of patient's conditions, surgeries scheduled, availability of medications and doctors, insurance companies, and so on. How you can use Stackby’s Medical Chart Template to streamline your work Keep detailed records of all your patients, along with their contact details. Attach a photo of each patient to the template and record the date of birth. Record their blood group and details of the medications that they are currently on. Monitor the conditions suffered by each patient and the surgeries that they have to undergo for treatment. You can also store the physician's details assigned to each patient and monitor the date of their last check-up. Store the name of a patient’s emergency contact person and the corresponding phone number. Attach each patient's report to the template itself to facilitate easier access among your doctors and physicians. Under the Conditions section of the template, you can record the specialist's details for each medical condition. Hospitals need to monitor their medicine supply continuously. Using this template, you can track each medication's availability status (Sufficient/ Short/ Extra/ Not Available). Store the stock manager's details for a particular medication and attach the stock report to the template, if necessary. Monitor all your physicians (Out of Town/ In Town/ On Leave). You can also store their contact details. Keep detailed records of the insurance companies and the patients insured by each one. With Stackby’s elaborate Medical Chart Template, you won’t have to maintain multiple databases for your hospital! You can record, monitor, and update all the details using a single interface.Checkout Other related Templates :Volunteer Management 
Covid-19 Response Template By Stackby Templates

Covid-19 Community Response

What started as a few cases in one part of a country has now transformed into a global pandemic. National lockdown, social distancing and wearing a mask become the new normal. With 50 million cases and counting and no hope of eradication on the horizon, it is easy to feel powerless to do anything. However, that is not the case. There is always something you can do to help fight this pandemic. People across the globe are organising community response outreach programs to contribute in any way they can. About Covid-19 Community Response Template Eager to be a part of this effort to fight Covid-19? Well, Stackby is here to help you do just that. You can launch a community response to this pandemic with the noblest of intentions. However, in order to ensure that your effort is a success and brings about real change, you need proper organization and effective implementation. Use Stackby’s Covid-19 Community Response Template and manage your community response seamlessly. Covid-19 Community Response Template will enable you to customise your response effort by allowing you to: Keep track of the specific requests received by members of the community. Store their address and communication details for the easy delivery of goods and services. Record the item requested by each individual (Grocery/ Medical Supplies/ Fruits and Vegetables). Track the status of each request made (Accepted/ Completed). Assign a Helper for each request. How Will Stackby’s Covid-19 Community Response Template Help You? Apart from recording the requests made by the community, it is essential to keep track of the helpers who are lending a hand in this community response system. Using the Covid-19 Community Response Template, you can: Keep track of all the helpers available for the community response system. Record the days on which they are available. Record the time of the day during which they are available. Store their contact details and address for further reference. Track the areas in which they can lend a hand. Assign requests to each helper according to their availability for the community response system. Stackby’s newly launched Covid-19 response template will completely revolutionise your approach to community response systems. You can now store every single detail related to each request and all the helpers in one place.  Let us help you in helping others! Be a part of this global effort to fight the pandemic and preserve human life. Use our Covid-19 Community Response Template and make a difference!  You will also find these templates useful: COVID-19 Internal Communications Editorial CalendarVolunteer Management 
Alumni Directory Template - Stackby Templates

Alumni Directory

Today, online forms serve as the cornerstone of efficient alumni engagement strategies. That's why countless educational institutions choose free alumni directory templates, offering them the flexibility and customization to align with the unique branding of schools and universities. Whether you aim to gather updated information from alumni or enlist them for your school newsletter, they empower you to collect valuable insights swiftly and easily. Stackby’s Alumni Directory Templates are designed to integrate with your school's or college's brand identity. You can easily track all the information about birth dates, current company, interests, and photos and share it with your alma mater to stay connected with each other. What is the Alumni Directory Template? The Alumni Directory Template offers a comprehensive solution to effectively track, manage, and nurture relationships with former students, showing communication and fostering the essence of community among alumni and their alma mater. Stackby's Alumni Directory Template In this ever-expanding network of educational institutions, maintaining a robust connection with alumni is paramount, and here is an overview of the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template. Efficient Data Management At the core of the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template lies the ability to organize and manage a vast amount of alumni data efficiently, from basic contact information to professional details such as current company affiliations, job titles, and other. The template provides a structured framework to store and update the crucial data points. Comprehensive Alumni Profiles Each alumni profile within the directory offers a holistic view of an individual graduate beyond the basic contact information profile and compasses a range of pertinent information that includes birthdates, academic backgrounds, career projections, and areas of interest that can be stored and used in the future. By capturing this comprehensive data, the template facilitates personalized engagement strategies that are tailored to alumni preferences and pursuits. Interactive Features Facilitating seamless interaction between alumni and their alma mater, the template incorporates some interactive features that enhance engagement. It can upload photos, share updates on professional achievements, and express interest in studying. It is also a dynamic platform for networking and collaboration with the alumni communities. Key features of the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template Centralized Database Our template provides a centralized repository to store all alumni information securely, so now say goodbye to the scattered data and hello to streamlined accessibility. Detailed Profiles Capture a plethora of information about your alumni, ranging from their current employment details and birth dates to their interests and achievements. With comprehensive profiles, you can make full connections and tailor the interactions effectively. Photo Gallery You can personalize your alumni directory with her dedicated photo gallery. You can also showcase memorable moments from alumni events, such as reunions or significant milestones, fostering a sense of community and nostalgia. You can also create custom IDs for your alumni using the Page Designer App. Customizable Fields You can customize the template to suit your institution's unique requirements. Add some custom fields to specific data points relevant to your alumni network and ensure a tailored approach to engagement. Communication Tools You can easily communicate with the directory from the platform. You can send personalized messages to users or event invitations that encourage continuous engagement and strengthen alumni relations. Search and Filter Options Navigate through your alumni database using advanced search and filter options. Whether you are targeting alumni based on graduation year, industry, or geographical location, finding the right contacts has never been simpler. Data Privacy and Security Rest assured knowing that your alumni data is protected with robust privacy and security measures. Safeguard sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations effortlessly. Integrations Capabilities Integrate the alumni directory with existing systems on all platforms, maximizing efficiency and minimizing data duplication. Whether it's CRM software or social media platforms, you can streamline your workflow with ease. How to use the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template All you need to do is copy the template to your workspace by clicking on Use Template. You can start customizing the columns with the class names, activities, photos, phone number, date of birth, and interactions. All you need to do is enter the correct details within the specified columns. Later on, you can use the filters to search for or count the total interactions of a person. This conveys a sense of belonging and community among alumni, highlighting the loyalty and support for your institution. You can cultivate relationships with potential donors and supporters by leveraging alumni networks to drive fund-raising initiatives and philanthropic endeavors. Simplify your alumni data management and communication processes, saving time and resources for your institution's administrative staff. With our alumni directory template, you can effectively track and manage your institution's alumni network faster, make meaningful connections and opportunities for engagement. Start building lasting connections today! Check more related templates on Stackby Study Guides Template  Library Organizer Template 
Coworking Management System Template By Stackby Templates

Coworking Management System

When people from different companies assemble in a neutral space and share the same for doing their work, we call it coworking. Why are more and more companies opting for coworking? According to recent research and surveys, the number of companies opting for coworking is expected to double by 2024. With increasing space constraints and limited budgets, an increasing number of companies are turning to coworking to optimize their work process. Apart from being cost-effective, what benefits does coworking offer? Networking: With employees from different companies sharing the same workspace, coworking offers immense opportunities to form a network of contacts. Location and Facilities: Coworking spaces are mostly located in the best localities and offer a wide variety of high-quality facilities. Flexibility: When it comes to space available and time period, coworking offers a high degree of flexibility. Increased sense of belongingness: As is already understood, working among people from all walks of life provides you with a sense of community and solidarity.  Increased productivity: Working with individuals who are as driven and efficient as you are will automatically enhance your productivity. Coworking is the new normal and is here to stay. Coworking management system allows you to manage your space. It is this rising demand that led to the creation of Stackby’s Coworking Management System Template. How Will Stackby’s Coworking Operations Template help you? Are you a coworking operator looking to offer spaces to companies in your region and need a coworking management system? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We here, at Stackby, will assist you in managing your coworking spaces and clients with a coworking management system – Stackby’s Coworking Operations Template. Managing a coworking space can prove to be quite a hassle if you do not have the proper tools and direction. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. We are here to create order out of that chaos with a coworking management system. Whether you’re someone who has just started a space, or you already own and operate coworking operations at multiple locations, Stackby’s coworking management software is custom made to suit your needs. Use our coworking management system to keep meticulous records of every detail about your coworking spaces. The coworking management system template will allow you to: Store the location of each space and the total number of seats in each one. Keep track of the clients assigned to each space with this coworking management system. Assign a plan type to each client (Part time/ Open flexible/ Open dedicated/ Nights and Weekends/ Private/ Day Pass) Keep track of the rates of each plan, the location, and clients assigned to individual plans. Store the contact details of each client for easy communication. Record the invoices generated for each location. Keep track of the payments received and pending from each client. Record the grievances and complaints from each client. Assign deadlines and priority status to client’s complaints to ensure that they are addressed at the earliest. Continuously update the details in the coworking management software. Maximize your profit, minimize your effort, and keep your clients satisfied with Stackby’s user-friendly coworking management software!Checkout Other related Templates :Volunteer Management 
Book Club Template By Stackby Templates

Book Club

Whether you are someone with a 9 to 5 job or a stay-at-home parent, a student trying to find your way in life, or a retired worker finding ways to enjoy life, books are for everyone. From fiction, fantasy to literature and autobiographies, books of all genres are a gateway to a whole new world. In an era where almost everyone spends a good chunk of their time worrying, books help to reduce stress and stimulate the brain. Want to know the best way to read books? Be a part of a book club! It involves a group of people with a common love for reading who discuss and read books together. Book clubs expose you to different books and help you gain a deeper understanding of the literature. It gives you that extra push you need to finish reading a book and provides a platform to meet people from all walks of life. Stackby lends you a hand to organise and run your book club smoothly with the Book Club Template. How to start a book club? You can start a book club with literally anyone. It can be with your co-workers, neighbours, friends, or relatives. Getting it off the ground is as easy as following these simple steps: Choose a setting to organize your book club (Online or Offline?). Please make a list of members and invite them to be a part of your book club. Once you have finalized the members, organize your first meeting to lay down some ground rules, decide the frequency of meetings, the kind of books you want to focus on, etc. Now that you are all set with your book club decide on your first book and start reading! With multiple members and far too many books, it can become difficult to keep track of everything. Simplify and enhance your book club experience with Stackby’s Book Club Template! Who Will find the Book Club template helpful? This template will be best used by students, schools, libraries, colleges, and book clubs! How Will Stackby’s Book Club Template Help You? The Book Club Template is a one-stop solution to all your book club problems. You can keep track of everything, from your members to the books each one is reading on a single platform. Our Book Club Template allows you to: Keep a record of all the members of your book club. Store contact details of all the members for better communication. Keep track of which book each member of the club is currently reading. Record how much of the book a member has already read (in percent). Organize and keep track of events being organized by your book club. Record the date, time, venue, and attendance of all such events. Manage your book club with a single click of a button using our Book Club Template free of cost! You will also find these templates useful: Gallery Asset ManagementVolunteer Management
Student Organization Template By Stackby Templates

Student Organization

You finally made it! Your years of hard work have finally earned you a spot in your dream university! Now, the real work begins. From lectures and assignments to exams and social gatherings, campus life can prove to be quite hectic! So, who has time to sign up for student organizations? Well, you should make time for this. What is a Student Organization? Student organizations are an essential and unavoidable part of any student’s journey through college or university. The membership of such organizations, as the name already states, is mostly composed of only students. However, in some cases, certain faculty members and alumni are also a part of student organizations. Why are Student Organizations Important? Whether it is academic, social, political, media, educational, or community service student organizations, joining one that is best suited according to your interest will allow you to: Make practical use of the skills learned in class. Allow you to form a wide network of relations with all kinds of students. Boost your self-confidence and public speaking skills. Allow you to make a difference in society. Expose you to the world you’ll be stepping into after college.  Teach you how to manage your time efficiently.  How does a Student Organization work? Now that we understand the significance of student organizations in any university, let us see what goes behind running a student organization. From the day-to-day administration to organizing and executing large scale events, managing any student organization requires a lot of hard work and extensive planning. That’s where our Student Organisation Template comes in. When you plan any event, regular meetings with members, division of work among teams, contacting and finalizing sponsors are just some of the many things that need to be done. Keeping track of everything to ensure a successful event can prove to be tricky! Don’t worry! Stackby is here to simplify your work with a student organization event planner. How Will Stackby’s Student Organization template help you? Stackby’s Student Organization Template is specifically designed to assist you in running the student organization. Now you can recruit members and record their data on a single platform. Using our Student Organization Template, you will be able to: Record the name and designation of each member (President/ General Secretary/ Treasurer/ Executive Member/ Member). Store the contact details of each member to facilitate smooth communication. Keep track of the social events to be organised by setting tentative dates for each event in the student organization template. Record the proceeding of each meeting held for such events. Store the links to social media advertisements for events organised. Organise business events by assigning an event head and team to each event. Create and store brochures for business events. You cannot organise an event without proper sponsorship. Use our template to record details of sponsors, the events being sponsored, the amount of sponsorship in monetary terms. Run your student organization on a single platform with Stackby’s easy to use Student Organization Template! Checkout Related Template : Volunteer Management
Gallery Asset Management Template By Stackby Templates

Gallery Asset Management

How Stackby's Gallery Asset Management Template help ? Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Art can be one person’s occupation, another person’s hobby, and it is a form of therapy for some. Setting up and maintaining a gallery allows you to display the artwork in an aesthetically pleasing manner to attract potentially interested buyers and individuals with a genuine appreciation for art. Whether you own a small enterprise or a well-established gallery, managing and running require a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills. You need to keep track of all the artwork bought and sold and the artists you have collaborated with. From maintaining inventory, day to day administration to developing relations with talented artists, as a manager of an art gallery, you are responsible for ensuring its financial stability and artistic development.   Managing the gallery, communicating with artists, and engaging with potential art collectors requires a lot of hard work, patience, a keen eye, and attention to detail. To simplify your job and assist you in managing your gallery, Stackby has launched its very own Gallery Asset Management Template! Using our Gallery Asset Management Template, you can create and regularly update your database of information on your artwork, artists, and business contacts. You can also track the artwork that you have lent to shows and exhibitions with great ease! The Gallery Asset Management Template will enable you to: View all the art pieces in your collection on a single interface. Store the current prices of each piece. Record the artists who have contributed pieces to the gallery. Store the artist’s photograph and a description of each artist to understand their artwork better. Make notes on each piece from the collection to keep track of any work that needs to be done. Track the starting price of each artist’s work to estimate the price range of their pieces. Store the names of the business contacts who are interested in the pieces from your gallery. Record the contact details and address of each business contact to ensure smooth communication. Keep track of which category each contact belongs to (Interior Designer/ Collector/ Investor). Record the shows and exhibitions where the artwork from your gallery is on display. Store the contract agreement, contract start, end date, and current location of each show and exhibition. Stackby’s Gallery Asset Management Template allows you to store and continuously update extensive details about your gallery in real-time on one platform with a single click of a button. Apply our template to reduce your effort and increase your efficiency overnight! You don’t need to take our word for it. Use our Gallery Asset Management Template and notice the difference! Get Stackby’s Gallery Asset Management Template now and manage your gallery without any hassle!Check Out Other related Teplates : Product Catalog Sales Pipeline Sales Asset Management Visitor Management System Asset Tracker
Book Tracker Template by Stackby Templates

Book tracker

If you’ve ever felt the annoyance of losing the page number or forgetting the title of a book you desperately want to read, then it is all the reason why a book tracker is necessary. Stackby is here to solve these problems with the Stackby Book Tracker Template.  Why is a book tracker necessary? A book tracker arranges your books in the form of a 'bookshelf.' This enables you to note the quotes and lines from your current reads easily and even save them for reference later. Stackby organizes your reading in a simplistic yet orderly manner.  How is the Stackby Book Tracker Template Helpful to you? The book tracker template has several built-in features that improve your reading experience by thoroughly organizing your reading data according to your preference. The options of arranging according to the book title, author, genre, and even the reading progress enable you to save time that can further be allotted for reading. Organized research is made possible with the serial tracker that helps you mark your reading progress and extract notes as and when required.  The practical library management utility enables you to find what you're looking for without much trouble quickly. Track your favorite authors along with the genre of your interest, which is serially organized according to the count. The cover image feature saves you the trouble of numerous google searches as you can now find your book even if you forget its title or author. You can also generate reports according to your requirements with accurate data representation of your reads, including the number of books, their reading status, progress, and many more.  Who will find the book tracker template useful? Editorial firms, research institutions as well as open libraries may find this extremely practical. It also proves to be useful for publishing firms owing personalized libraries.Checkout Other related Templates :Volunteer Management