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Contractor Time Tracker Template

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Contractor Time Tracker Template
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A contractor needs to track the employees' work to guarantee that the employees are putting in their maximum effort in the ongoing project. The Stackby Contractor Time Tracker Template is the right tool for this purpose as it allows you to record the essential details of the working team.

How is Stackby’s Contractor Time Tracker Template useful?

  • This template comes with a built-in time tracker that saves the contractor time and effort in constantly updating the employee's schedules. 
  • The template also allows the contractor to take detailed notes regarding the job being performed and its nature.
  • The time tracker template helps the contractor meet deadlines by helping him track the status of the task at hand and its dates of commencement and submission.
  • It helps the contractor avoid confusion regarding the hourly/ weekly/ monthly wage of the employees.
  • This Stackby template provides the provision to record employee contacts and communication details that improve communication between them and the employer. 
  • The list of clients, their requested jobs, and the employees working on the task can also be maintained with the help of this template. This improves the work quality since a certain group of workers only needs to focus on one task. 

The contractor time tracker template can be updated as and when required, simplifying the contractor's work. 

Who will find this template useful?

This is mostly beneficial for firms that accept commission on contract work for a certain period. This template can also prove useful for companies that work on big contract projects usually related to building and installing.

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