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Press Release Tracker Template

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Press Release Tracker Template
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Manage all your brand's Press Releases in this easy to use Press Release Tracker. Use it for your own brand or your client's if you're a PR agency.

In the world of public relations, keeping track of press releases can be a depressing task. Without a correct system, you threaten losing essential files, lacking closing dates, and failing to measure the success of your campaigns. These demanding situations can cause overlooked possibilities, reduced media coverage, and a negative effect in your brand's recognition.

The Problem Without a Press Release Template

Managing press releases without a template often results in chaos. PR professionals and businesses face numerous troubles:

Disorganized Documentation: Without a dedicated press release template, important facts may be scattered across various documents, emails, and spreadsheets. This disorganization ends in inefficiencies and mistakes.

Missed Deadlines: Juggling more than one press releases and their corresponding closing dates without a clear monitoring system can cause you to have misleading dates. It also leads to lost media possibilities.

Ineffective Tracking of Performance: Without a dedicated template, measuring the effect and success of your press releases will become almost impossible. This lack of perception hinders your potential to refine your PR strategies.

The Solution: Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template

Stackby gives a complete Press Release Tracker Template that addresses these challenges head-on. Designed for PR companies, agencies, and entrepreneurs, this template offers an established and green way to manage all components of your press releases.

How to Use Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template

Using Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template is easy and user-friendly. Here’s how you can make the most out of it:

1. Track Your Press Releases and Assets: Start by inputting your press release details into the template. Include records inclusive of the release title, date, author, and status. Attach related belongings like photographs, videos, and documents simultaneously inside the template for easy access.

2. Manage Publications and Media Lists: Keep a complete list of all guides and media contacts in a single location. Categorize them via type, relevance, and past interactions to streamline your outreach efforts.

3. Track PR KPIs and Goals: Set precise KPIs for each press release, including the range of media mentions, target market gain, and engagement charges. Monitor these metrics through the years to evaluate the achievement of your campaigns and regulate your strategies accordingly.

Benefits of Using Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template

Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template gives numerous benefits which could revolutionize your PR control:

Centralized Information: All your press release info, assets, and media contacts are saved in one centralized area. This saves time and decreases the chance of losing important data.

Enhanced Efficiency: With Stackby's Press Release Tracker template, you may effortlessly track deadlines, monitor the progress, and ensure timely submissions. This performance interprets to higher media coverage and improved PR results.

Data-Driven Insights: The template's built-in KPI tracking permits you to collect valuable information to your press releases' performance. These insights help you make informed decisions and continuously improve your PR techniques.

Customizable and Flexible: Stackby's template is user-friendly, customizable yet allows you to tailor it as per your specific needs. Whether you are handling press releases for your brand or a client's, you could use the template to get better campaigns and goals.

Collaboration Made Easy: Share the template with your team members and collaborate seamlessly. Everyone can access the modern-day data, update progress, and stay aligned on PR goals.


In this competitive world of public relations, staying organized is mandatory. Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template provides the ideal solution to manage all your press releases results easily. From tracking release information and assets to managing media lists and monitoring KPIs, this template guarantees you live on the pinnacle of your PR game.

Don't let disorganization and missed deadlines ruin your PR success. Embrace Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template and seek the advantages of a streamlined and effective PR management system. Try it today and see how it could rework your press release tracking procedure.

By using Stackby's Press Release Tracker Template, you can manage your PR efforts and obtain better results. Whether you are a PR professional or simply beginning, this template is useful for coping with your press releases with ease and precision. Sign up today to soar new heights!

Use it to -

  • Track your Press Releases and Assets
  • Manage all your Publications and Media Lists
  • Track your PR KPIs and Goals

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