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Sales Pipeline Template

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Sales Pipeline Template
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Whether you’re running a start-up venture or a well-established company, the sales department controls a crucial aspect of your overall workflow process. It is the department that brings in the revenue, so you might even say that it forms the linchpin of your entire organization!

The sales department plays the most vital role in the success of your business and is responsible for providing the customers with what they’re looking for. It contributes immensely towards the company’s growth, not just in monetary terms, but by helping you retain your existing customers by providing the best possible service.

The effort and hard work put in by your product development team and marketing team will fail to produce tangible results if your sales pipeline is not working efficiently. As a result, ensuring the smooth functioning of your sales pipeline is paramount for your company. This is why a Sales Pipeline template also becomes integral to your business.

What is the sales pipeline?

Put in simple words, a sales pipeline is a visual representation of your sales process. It will show you the exact position of a particular deal in the sales funnel and help you analyze and overcome obstacles if any happen to arise.

It allows you to analyze if your current strategy is working in your favor and gives you a comprehensive idea of which activities are generating the maximum revenue. A sales pipeline gives a detailed insight into your sales process, the current status of your deals, details of upcoming deals, and other information crucial to your sales department.

The format of a sales pipeline is not static. It depends on the requirements and nature of your company. It is up to you to customize the process to reap the maximum benefit. Depending on how you contact leads and process products, your sales pipeline can have five, six, or even eight stages.

However, keeping a firm grasp on the entire process is often a tedious and tricky task. To make your job easier, Stackby has created a state-of-the-art Sales Pipeline Template! Now you can manage and monitor every detail on a single interface.

How will Stackby’s Sales Pipeline Template help you achieve your goal?

Using our customizable, user-friendly sales pipeline template, you will be able to:

  • Record details of each deal on the same platform.
  • Store the corresponding company name and the representative assigned to each company.
  • Track the source of the particular deal (Email Campaign/ Website/ Previous Client/ VoIP Call/ etc.).
  • Assign a priority status to each deal to coordinate related tasks.
  • Track the current status of the deal (Won/ Lost/ Negotiating/ etc.).
  • Record the tentative deal date and the last contacted date for the same deal.
  • Track the expected sales value and weighted value for each deal.
  • Add comments, if necessary, to each deal to help your sales team get a better understanding of the same.
  • Track the number of deals made by each representative on the sales pipeline template and check if they have fulfilled their assigned quota.
  • Monitor and update the details in your Kanban pipeline as and when required.

Now your sales team won’t have to go through multiple databases to track the status and probability of the deals they negotiate! Use this easy to adopt sales pipeline template for your sales reps and boost your profits.

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